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Who We Are

Innovative Solutions

At Jee, we've been engineering smart solutions for the energy sector, encompassing both onshore and offshore projects across oil, gas, and renewables. Our diverse and talented team is adept at transforming engineering challenges into opportunities.

We're also committed to driving change and advancing knowledge with over 30 courses, embodying our belief that the impossible is just an unexplored possibility in the dynamic energy landscape.

Our Clients

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Meet The Team

Jee is driven by some of the finest professionals in the industry, each focused on addressing our clients' unique challenges. This is your chance to meet our team and understand the qualities that make Jee a remarkable company to collaborate with. Behind each individual is a dedicated team, delivering excellence every day for our clients. 



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Driving Change, Today

Jee's culture champions problem-solving and building lasting client relationships. We're dedicated to addressing global challenges, aiming for a sustainable, decarbonised energy future. Our approach? A blend of technology, practicality, and innovation. It's complex, but it's our forte.


Our Mission

We empower the energy sector. 


Our Vision

Clean energy, everywhere. 



Our Core Values

We are committed to giving the best of ourselves to empower the energy sector. Our responsive and versatile engineering services and training are founded on our expert experience, our efficient processes, and our uncompromising focus on quality.​



We are committed to a sustainable energy industry.


We work hard to enhance our added value to customers.


We foster a culture of continuous learning, collaboration, and excellence.


​​We strengthen our operational efficiency wherever we can.


We care about each other, and our reputation.



Explore our collection of findings and recommendations from our extensive experience in pigging. Simple, practical, and informed by expertise.

Jee's History

See how our company has developed since 1988 to 2023, with many decisions and challenges over the years.


Founding Jee


In 1988, a visionary named Trevor, fuelled by a passion for freedom and innovation, laid the foundation of Jee. His dream was to create a company that would stand out in the industry, a place where ideas could flourish without bounds.

The First Ally Joins


Four years into Jee's journey, the team began to grow. The first team member joined, marking a significant milestone. This was the beginning of the company's expansion, a testament to Trevor's initial dream taking shape.

A Key Player Arrives


Hired Mike Hawkins, a significant team member who remains with the company to this day.

Diversifying the Dream


In 1995, Jee took a bold step by launching a training division with just one course. Simultaneously, the Tunbridge Wells Office opened its doors, symbolising the company's growth and diversification.

The Rise of Tunbridge Wells


From 1999 to 2006, Jee witnessed remarkable growth in Tunbridge Wells. What started as a small team of six soon expanded into a robust group of 20 professionals, each bringing unique skills and perspectives to the table.

A New Chapter in Tonbridge


2006 marked a new chapter as Jee relocated to Tonbridge. With 20 employees in tow, the move was more than just geographical; it included the introduction of a governing board, bringing new governance and direction to the company.

Aberdeen - A New Frontier


In 2008, Jee expanded its horizons by opening an office in Aberdeen. This step not only marked geographical growth but also symbolised the company's ever-expanding vision and reach.

The Team Grows Stronger


By 2013, Jee's team had grown to 25 members. Each addition brought new ideas, strengthening the company and reinforcing its position in the industry.

A Shift to Empowerment


The year 2021 was a defining moment in Jee's history as the company transitioned to an Employee Owned Trust. This shift empowered the employees, making them true stakeholders in Jee's future.

Jee in the Netherlands


2023 was the year Jee ventured internationally by opening an office in Delft, Netherlands. This expansion was a clear indication of Jee's growing international appeal and influence.


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