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Meet our Expert Tutors: The Backbone of Jee's Industry-Leading Training

Experience excellence in Oil, Gas, and Renewables Training

Our unique strength lies in combining real-world expertise with a commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in the energy sector.

Our seasoned experts, with vast experience in oil, gas, and renewables, bring not just knowledge but practical insights and wisdom to our courses, blending real-world expertise with innovative teaching.


Our Tutors

The tutors at Jee are a highly experienced and knowledgeable group, each with their own unique set of skills and experiences that make them exceptional in their roles. Here's a more detailed look at some of them:


Mike Hawkins

Construction, Installation and Design

With over 30 years in the oil and gas industry and serving as Jee’s Technical Director, Mike brings a wealth of expertise in design, pipeline buckling, third-party verification, and fatigue assessment. His extensive experience and technical leadership make him an ideal mentor for courses on the construction and installation of subsea pipelines.


Graham Wilson

Integrity Management and Decommissioning

Jee's Head of Integrity Management and a Fellow at this Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Graham's over 20 years of experience in integrity management, design, fishing interaction studies, and verification make him a key resource. His role in teaching courses on integrity management, corrosion defect assessment, and decommissioning programme development is pivotal for Jee's training programmes​​.


Martin East

Design and Integrity Management

A chartered mechanical engineer, Martin's expertise in finite element analysis, particularly with the Abaqus non-linear FEA software, is noteworthy. Martin's role has encompassed consultancy projects, analysis, and presenting various training courses, highlighting his extensive knowledge and experience

Phil Goby Headshot

Phil Goby

Integrity Management

With over 35 years in the oil and gas sector, including significant time with BP, Phil's experience in onshore and offshore pipeline operations, integrity management, and subsea asset management is exceptional. His experience enriches the learning experience for those attending Jee's courses.

Dem Demetriou

Dem Demetriou

Design, Integrity Management Project Delivery

Dem's over 20 years of experience in project management, facilities engineering, and materials engineering, combined with his expertise in FEED, detailed and conceptual design, procurement, topsides, and construction, make him an invaluable asset. His teaching in the design and delivery of subsea pipelines and value engineering for design optimisation is critical for Jee’s training programmes.

Bob Summers Headshot

Bob Summers

Subsea Controls, Systems and Hardware

Specialising in control systems and training, Bob's over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and his role as a consultant to the European Economic and Social Committee for standardising vocational skills, demonstrate his comprehensive understanding and ability to impart knowledge in the subsea systems and controls course.


Russell Thornton

Subsea Controls, Systems and Hardware

Russell Thornton, with over 30 years in the oil and gas industry, possesses extensive expertise in hardware design and subsea controls. His role at Jee includes mentoring staff across various projects, underscoring his in-depth knowledge in project, system, and design roles. His experience makes him a valuable resource for teaching the Subsea systems and hardware course, where he shares his insights and practical skills essential for the industry.

Tim Clark

Tim Clark

Subsea Controls, Systems and Hardware

Tim has over 35 years' oil industry experience with 25 years dedicated to subsea projects working for major operators BP and Shell with responsibility for front-end engineering, detailed design, construction, commissioning and operation of both shallow and deepwater subsea field development. Tim is a chartered mechanical engineer with expertise in subsea production systems and subsea field development.

Eckhard Bruckschen

Eckhard Bruckschen

Subsea Cables

Eckhard has onshore experience including project construction and installation management, equipment development, capital budget management, system support and engineering, as well as bid management and sales. He has also installed and managed over 40,000 km of submarine fibre optic cables and 2,500 km of submarine power cables worldwide.

Richard Espiner

Richard Espiner

Integrity Management

Richard is a chartered mechanical engineer with over 25 years experience in pipeline engineering roles for both consulting and operating companies. He specialises in pipeline integrity management, risk & reliability assessment, defect assessment, and in-line inspection. As a Jee trainer, Richard enjoys meeting the diverse range of delegates which attend our courses, passing on his experiences, and learning from theirs.

Andy Stevenson white background

Andy Stevenson

Construction of Subsea Pipelines

Andy is a Chartered mechanical engineer with over 15 years’ experience in the offshore oil & gas and renewables sectors. His expertise is in the design of bespoke deck equipment and subsea tools including pipelay, cable lay and associated trenching systems. Andy teaches the Construction of Subsea Pipelines course.

Troy Brown

Troy Brown

Subsea Power Cables

Troy’s experience in the German energy transition is also reflected in his own transition from the oil/gas industry after working for drilling and pipeline contractors to managing subsea power cable projects for offshore wind developers and a German transmission system operator. His experience includes taking projects from the conceptual to execution and commissioning phases.


Dr Amrit Chandan


Dr. Amrit Chandan, a Chemical Engineering PhD and Forbes 30 Under 30 awardee, is an entrepreneur and speaker tackling global climate and resource challenges with sustainable solutions. Recognised with the Hawley Award for Engineering Innovation, he contributes to various industry sectors and holds roles in the Royal Academy of Engineering, Ayrton Fund, and Schott Scale Up Accelerator.


André Wakker

Nuclear Energy

André Wakker (1958) graduated in nuclear physics. He holds a PhD in science and mathematics from the University of Amsterdam. He has more than 30 years of professional business experience in fossil, renewables, and nuclear energy sectors. He has worked on nuclear newbuild, safety, life extension, waste management, and decommissioning with companies like EDF, EON, Westinghouse, and Engie. Today, he is active as an independent coach, consultant, and energy professional.