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Empower Your Team with Jee's Bespoke Training Solutions

Elevating Organisational Performance Through Customised Learning

Elevating Skills Across All Levels

At Jee, we understand that each organisation has unique training needs. Our bespoke in-company training programs, led by industry experts, are crafted to align with your specific requirements.

By blending classroom sessions, real-world case studies, and interactive group activities, we aim to foster significant improvements in skills and knowledge at individual, team, and organisational levels.

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Why Choose Jee

Selecting the right training partner is crucial for the growth and development of your organisation. Jee's In-Company Training stands out for its commitment to delivering a transformative learning experience, tailored to your unique business needs. Let's delve into the reasons why choosing Jee for your professional development journey is a decision that promises both immediate impact and long-term benefits.

Tailored Content

Our training is not one-size-fits-all. We tailor each programme to meet the specific needs of your business.

Expert Led Instruction

Learn from the best. Our courses are facilitated by seasoned engineers with real-world experience.

Practical and Relevant

 Combining theory with hands-on application, we ensure the training is directly applicable to your work environment.

Flexible and Accessible

Whether you prefer virtual or on-site sessions, our flexible delivery adapts to your operational needs.

Continuous Improvement

We don’t just deliver training; we ensure continuous skill enhancement through regular programme evaluations.

Global Reach

A proud history of training over 12,000 engineers and professionals across 40 countries, our experience speaks volumes about our ability to elevate competencies.

Tailored Training Portfolio for Your Business

Our training portfolio is extensive and adaptable, crafted to meet the unique demands of in-company training.
We go beyond our listed courses, offering customisation across a wide range of subjects to suit your specific needs. This tailored approach includes incorporating case studies and focusing on your current or future projects, ensuring the training is directly relevant and beneficial to your organisation's growth and development.

Introducing the Jee ADDIE Model: A Comprehensive Approach to Training

At Jee, we embrace the ADDIE model in our training programmes, ensuring a systematic and effective learning experience. This model encompasses five key stages:


We begin by thoroughly understanding your unique challenges and aspirations, setting the stage for a successful learning journey.


Our experts create a training blueprint, focusing on the most beneficial learning outcomes for your team.


We develop a rich and relevant curriculum, tailored specifically to meet the identified needs and goals.


Our training sessions are not just informative but also engaging and immersive, fostering active participation and practical application.


The journey doesn’t end with the delivery of training. We continually assess the effectiveness of the programme, ensuring ongoing improvement and alignment with your evolving needs

Get Started

Ready to take your team's skills to the next level? Download our Training Brochure for an in-depth look at our programmes, or contact our team directly for a consultation on how we can assist you in achieving your training goals.