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Dynamic Project Management Solutions



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Optimising Project Management 

Our firm excels in the field of engineering project management, marked by over thirty years of influential history. Here are three core aspects of our approach:

  • Innovation in Engineering Design: A track record of significantly enhancing global project outcomes through innovative design.
  • Strategic and Efficient Management: Adopting strategies that move beyond conventional methods, focusing on preventing inefficiencies, adhering to environmental standards, and reducing operational costs.
  • Commitment to Renewable Solutions: A growing dedication to reinforcing resilient infrastructure, pivotal for a sustainable future in renewable engineering.

The Jee Advantage

At Jee, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients. As pioneers in our field, we have continuously evolved to offer unparalleled advantages that make us stand out in the market. Here's why choosing Jee is a game-changer.

Rich Expertise

Jee boasts over 30 years of project management expertise, adept in handling complex oil, gas, and energy sector projects.

Innovative Problem-Solving

Our innovative project management approach leads to successful execution of complex operations, highlighting our ability to solve challenges effectively.

Optimised Cost Efficiency

Our strategic project management approach ensures operational cost savings, providing excellent financial stewardship and value. 

Project Support

Our project management extends from conception to completion, guaranteeing full-cycle support for every project milestone. 

Your Partners in Progress

Beyond service, we engage as committed partners, dedicated to understanding and fulfilling your project management needs. 

Global Impact, Local Touch

Jee manages worldwide projects with a localised approach, combining global expertise with a personalised touch.

Benefits of Expert Project Management

Project management in engineering is a critical discipline that ensures complex projects meet their goals in terms of technical performance, timing, and budget. Here are three key benefits of project management in the engineering field:

Enhanced Efficiency

Proper project management helps streamline processes, ensuring that every stage of an engineering project is executed as efficiently as possible. This not only saves time but also reduces waste and optimises resource allocation.

Enhanced Efficiency (1)

Risk Mitigation

Engineering projects often involve a high degree of uncertainty. Through effective project management, potential risks can be identified early, analysed, and mitigated before they become significant issues, ensuring the project stays on track.

Risk Mitigation (1)

Quality Assurance

Maintaining a high standard of quality is paramount in engineering. Project management provides the framework for consistent quality checks, adherence to best practices, and the application of industry standards, resulting in superior project outcomes.

Quality Assurance (1)

Meet Sean: The Cornerstone of Our Expertise

With proven experience and dedication, our lead specialist stands ready to offer you the best guidance and solutions.

Sean Headshot Blue

Sean Tucker

Lead Project Management Specialist

Sean stands out as a beacon of expertise in both project management and technical assurance. His global footprint encompasses everything from intricate pigging feasibility studies to hands-on management of inline inspections, both on land and offshore. Diverse in his mastery, Sean has offered technical assurance for an array of tools, from conventional ILIs to advanced crawler and isolation mechanisms.



Our Project Management Services

Our project management team can guide you from initial planning, through the front-end engineering design (FEED) stage, to detailed project execution planning.




Pigging and Isolation

Comprehensive project management services for pigging and isolation projects, ensuring efficient execution and compliance with industry standards.


Expert project management for capital expenditure (CAPEX) projects, covering planning, execution, and monitoring across the oil and gas and energy sectors.


Skilful management of operational expenditure (OPEX) projects, focusing on cost optimisation, maintenance, and ongoing operations for sustained productivity.


Project management expertise for asset-based expenditure (ABEX) projects, guaranteeing asset integrity and performance enhancements.


Project management solutions tailored for onshore projects within the oil and gas and energy industries, ensuring successful outcomes.


Specialised project management services for offshore projects, addressing unique challenges and risks associated with marine environments.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Explore the strong endorsements of our collaborators through their testimonials, highlighting our commitment and the significant impact of our work in project management. Their accounts attest to our unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards of project excellence and operational effectiveness.

Jee has given us invaluable support for our offshore projects, responding quickly and efficiently and providing accurate installation analysis. When needed, Jee has gone that extra mile to get results for us. Jee is not just a one-stop shop for analysis results, but has added value throughout various stages of our projects. Jee has come up with innovative solutions to problems and shown a genuine interest in our operations.

Amy Sheld

Assistant Project Manager | Bibby Offshore

The work was considered to be of a very high standard, was executed well and exceeded my expectations. Working with Jee was a very positive experience, in terms of the timely support, feedback and delivery of the work.

Kevin Lawson

Subsea Manager | Petrofac

Jee gave us an excellent level of technical support throughout our project, from design through to commissioning, providing the expertise we needed to address the design, procurement and construction challenges and provide cost-effective solutions.

David Young

Project Engineer | Perenco

Steer Your Projects to Success with Our Project Management Expertise!

Our adept team pioneers with cutting-edge project management services, tailoring our strategy to the intricate demands of your endeavours. We manage the entire project lifecycle, from initial assessments to ongoing management, concentrating on operational excellence and financial benefits. As your partners in achieving project success, we offer top-tier expertise adapted to your specific challenges, strengthening your ventures for the future with a firm commitment to outstanding quality. Reach out to us to advance your projects with strategic, expert-led project management collaboration.