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Jee Renewable Energy Academy

Empowering Diverse Professionals in the Renewable Energy Sector


World Class Academy

Our Renewable Energy Academy puts you in control of your learning journey. Access all of our courses from our comprehensive curriculum, engage in rich discussion forums, connect with peers (privately or in forums), and dive into the latest industry insights and case studies.

Why Choose Our Renewable Energy Courses?

Our extensive training programmes are designed with versatility, catering to professionals across various sectors. 

Whether you're in oil and gas, insurance, finance, management consulting, or private equity, our courses are customised to address the specific challenges and opportunities in your field. 

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Learn about the entire value chain of existing and future renewable infrastructure and understand the risks involved.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Finance Professionals

Dive into the dynamics of the renewable energy sector, including investment strategies, project financing, and economic impacts.

Private Equity

Learn about investment opportunities, risk assessment, and portfolio management specific to the renewable energy market. 


Oil & Gas Professionals

Transition and expand your expertise from traditional energy to renewable sources, embracing the future of energy.


Guide and support the development of sustainable energy projects, ensuring adherence to evolving regulations and promoting legal best practices.

CEO's and Leaders

Strategically position your organisation at the forefront of the renewable energy transition, driving change and profitability.


Unveiling Our Renewable Energy Programmes

Our programmes cover a wide range of topics such as hydrogen energy, carbon capture technologies, offshore wind power, and electric vehicle infrastructure, tailored to address specific challenges and opportunities in the renewable energy market.
Participants can access live classes, all course content, the latest case studies, and engage with peers in private forums, providing a rich learning environment that fosters professional growth and industry insights.

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Exceptional Value with Our Bundle Offer

Investing in your professional development is now more accessible with our specially priced bundle. For £7,995*, you gain lifetime access to all of our comprehensive programmes. 

*This fee will increase to £19,995 in March. 

Our Renewable Programmes

Range from:

£995 to £2,995

Explore our diverse course offerings tailored to meet your specific learning needs and career goals in the energy sector.

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All Courses


Unlock comprehensive learning: Access all of our expert-led courses for just £7,995. Access all material immediately and attend live classes when convenient. You have lifetime access to these courses.

Get Started

Kickstart your journey into sustainable energy with our Renewable Academy– a curated selection designed to deepen your understanding and skills in this vital sector. Get involved now and be at the forefront of the green energy revolution.