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Subsea Appreciation


About the Course

The Subsea Appreciation course, held over two days, offers a comprehensive overview of subsea engineering, tailored for professionals eager to understand the sector's key practices and trends. It covers the latest advancements in subsea technology and operations, including detailed examinations of subsea wells and system architectures, with a focus on the engineering principles that govern these complex systems. The course also delves into the operational aspects of subsea systems, such as production control, maintenance, and troubleshooting, highlighting the importance of safety and efficiency in subsea operations. 

Participants will benefit from expert-led training that explores the engineering challenges and solutions in subsea environments, equipping them with the knowledge to contribute effectively to projects in this field. Interactive elements and case studies ensure practical learning, making it an essential course for those looking to make significant contributions to or shift their career path towards the subsea sector.


Who's it for
  • Industry professionals looking to expand their technical knowledge of subsea systems. 

  • Engineers and technical staff aiming to specialise in subsea project management and execution.

  • Stakeholders interested in the latest trends and technologies in subsea engineering. 

Learning Objectives
  • Develop an understanding of the components and configurations of modern subsea systems. 

  • Master the fundamentals of subsea production control and the operational strategies that enhance system reliability and efficiency. 

  • Explore innovative subsea processing techniques and the application of new technologies in improving system performance. 

  • Enhance skills in managing the complexities of subsea operations, with a focus on optimising production and minimising downtime. 


Course Content
Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the evolution and components of subsea systems.

  • Identify key features and functions of subsea production control equipment.

  • Describe subsea system configurations and their operational processes.

  • Recognise various subsea processing techniques and equipment.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of subsea intervention methods and tools.


Your Tutor

Dem Demetriou
Dem Demetriou
BEng (Hons), MSc, DIC, CEng, FIMarEst, MBA FCMI
Bringing over twenty years of expertise in subsea engineering and facilities management, Dem Demetriou is an authoritative figure in the field. His professional journey spans from Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) to detailed project execution, making him ideally suited to guide students through the complexities of subsea engineering. In the Subsea Appreciation course, Dem integrates his practical experience with a strong academic background to offer a comprehensive view on the design, construction, and management of subsea projects.


"Very insightful course. Perfect for introduction to subsea systems."
Jamie Parkin
“Because I am very fresh in the business, it personally gave me an overall good all-round understanding of the business and the aspects of it.”
Panagiotis Tsamanis
DeepOcean Group

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