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Lifetime Extension of Rigid Pipelines and Flexibles

Comprehensive Overview of Pipeline Lifetime Extension

This course delivers an extensive insight into the Lifetime Extension (LTE) process for rigid pipelines and flexibles, commencing with an introduction to LTE, encompassing failure modes, inspection methodologies, and operational integrity management. Progressing to discussions on internal and external inspections, design reviews, and risk assessment methods, the programme culminates with a comprehensive analysis of remnant life assessments, focusing on corrosion, fatigue, and degradation mechanisms. It concludes with strategies for late-life integrity management, imparting essential knowledge and skills for effective pipeline management.

Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning
Engage in collaborative group sessions and interactive exercises surrounding the LTE assessment process

Industry insights
Industry insights
Gain invaluable industry insights into integrity issues associated with pipeline system components

Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities

Network with like-minded individuals, who share a background in integrity

Enjoy exclusive access to Jeenius platform, a valuable learning resource.

Mastering Pipeline LTE: Jee’s Industry-Pioneering Course

As the conveners of the working group for ISO TS 12747, Jee stands at the forefront of defining methodologies for Lifetime Extension (LTE) of rigid pipelines. This positions our course as an exceptional opportunity for delegates seeking the latest, industry-leading expertise. By choosing our programme, delegates gain unparalleled insights directly from the architects of key industry standards. This not only enriches their knowledge with cutting-edge practices but also provides them with a competitive edge in their professional landscape, ensuring they stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of pipeline integrity.

Module Highlights

Day 1 - Foundations of LTE for Rigid Pipelines and Flexibles

Day one of our course offers a foundational understanding of the Lifetime Extension (LTE) process for rigid pipelines and flexibles. Delegates are introduced to the critical need for LTE, relevant codes and standards, and the challenges associated with data management. The day proceeds with an analysis of common failure modes in pipeline and riser threats, both onshore and offshore, coupled with industry guidance. Additionally, we explore flexible pipe threats, delving into failure modes, industry guidance, and inspection methods. The day concludes with insights into operational integrity management, encompassing Pipeline Integrity Management Systems (PIMS), flow assurance, leak detection, and monitoring and testing techniques.

Day 2 – In-Depth Inspection and Risk Assessment

The second day centres on internal and external inspection and assessments, guiding delegates through the array of available technologies, the tool selection process, and special considerations for flexibles and risers. The day also addresses external inspection and assessment, including inspection criteria, global techniques, and specific requirements for flexible risers. Further, delegates engage in a comprehensive design review, examining aspects such as wall thickness, stability, line pipe specifications, and safety systems. The day culminates with an in-depth look into risk assessment, exploring failure statistics, measuring consequences, and the risk assessment process itself.

Day 3 – Advanced Remnant Life Assessment and Integrity Management

Day three is dedicated to advanced topics in remnant life assessment and late-life integrity management. The focus is on assessing internal and external corrosion, with discussions on corrosion rate evidence, industry norms, and remnant life calculation. We also explore fatigue damage principles, operational and riser fatigue, and the role of Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) in addressing flexible degradation mechanisms. The day concludes with a comprehensive look at late-life integrity management, covering inspection regimes, Risk-Based Inspection (RBI), stakeholder management, obsolescence challenges, and decommissioning strategies.


Who should attend?

Introduction to the LTE process

  • The need for LTE
  • Codes and standards
  • The data challenge
  • LTE process and pitfalls

Pipeline and riser threats

  • Common failure modes - onshore
  • Common failure modes - offshore
  • Industry guidance

Flexible pipe threats

  • Common failure modes
  • Industry guidance
  • Inspection methods

Operational integrity management

  • PIMS
  • Flow assurance
  • Leak detection
  • Monitoring and testing

Internal inspection and assessment

  • Available technologies
  • Tool selection process
  • Special considerations for flexibles and risers

External inspection and assessment

  • Inspection and reporting criteria
  • Global external inspection techniques
  • Additional inspection requirements for flexible risers
  • Inspection of pig traps and ancillary components
  • Targeted external inspection and direct assessment

Design review

  • Wall thickness
  • Stability
  • Linepipe specification
  • MAOP and safety systems

Risk assessment

  • Failure statistics
  • Measuring consequence
  • Risk assessment process

Remnant life assessment – internal/external corrosion

  • Principles of fatigue damage
  • Operational fatigue
  • Riser fatigue

Flexible degradation mechanisms

  • The role of JIPs
  • Failure of metallic components
  • Failure of polymer components
  • Repair vs replace
  • OrcaFlex

Late-life integrity management

  • IM in extended life
  • Inspection regime and RBI
  • Stakeholder management
  • Obsolescence
  • Decommissioning

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the LTE assessment process
  • Identify and assess current integrity issues associated with pipeline system components
  • Identify the risks associated with ageing oil and gas infrastructure
  • Describe the design review process needed to verify pipeline design parameters
  • Explain time-dependent degradation mechanisms and assess their impact on the remnant life of pipelines
  • Outline the importance of late life integrity management in operating pipelines
  • Summarise how to plan for decommissioning during late life operations
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Meet Your Expert Tutor

Graham Wilson

Graham Wilson

MEng (Hons), CEng, MIMechE

Graham, serving as Jee's Head of Integrity Management, has over 20 years of industry experience. His credentials are further enhanced by his role as a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and a Fellow, showcasing his profound expertise and commitment to the engineering field. Graham's specialisations in integrity management, design, fishing interaction studies, and verification have positioned him at the forefront of the industry. Additionally, his significant contribution as the Convenor of ISO WG 17 illustrates his pivotal role in shaping international standards, further testament to his global influence and technical acumen. 

In his capacity as Head of Late Life, Graham brings a strategic and comprehensive approach to managing the challenges of aging infrastructure and decommissioning processes. This role complements his extensive teaching responsibilities, where he leads courses in integrity management, corrosion defect assessment, and decommissioning programme development and execution. His ability to integrate real-world scenarios with theoretical knowledge offers a dynamic and immersive learning experience. Graham's teaching not only covers the essential principles but also delves into the complexities of managing the lifecycle of engineering projects.  

Start Dates

Location Start Date End Date Number of Days Timings
Virtual (Live Instruction)
28th May 2024
30th May 2024
09:00 to 16:30 (with regular breaks)
Virtual (Live Instruction)
23rd September 2024
25th September 2024
09:00 to 16:30 (with regular breaks)

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