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Integrity Management of Subsea Pipelines

Expert Insights and Practical Approaches

Embark on our Integrity Management of Subsea Pipelines course and gain the expertise to ensure the longevity and reliability of your underwater pipeline assets. This four-day intensive programme provides a comprehensive understanding of the critical components of pipeline integrity, from internal and external inspections to advanced defect assessment techniques.

Learn from industry experts about the latest methodologies in managing pipeline stability, corrosion control, and flow assurance. Equip yourself with the practical skills and knowledge to implement robust integrity management systems, safeguard the environment, and make informed decisions that optimise pipeline performance and safety.

Interactive Learning

Participate in interactive sessions, group activities, and practical exercises.

Industry Insights

Gain invaluable industry insights into cutting-edge practices and technological advancements.

Case Studies

Hands-on experience with real-world case studies.

Crafted with Industry, for Industry

Our course is designed in partnership with the industry, tailored to meet the specific challenges and demands of pipeline integrity management. This collaboration ensures our curriculum is not only current with the latest industry trends but also rich with practical, applicable knowledge. We emphasise an immersive learning journey.


Foundations of Pipeline Integrity

Delve into the core aspects of subsea pipeline management, starting with the Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS) for maintaining safety and integrity, addressing pipeline instability and stabilisation strategies. It covers the challenges of thermal buckling, including its assessment and mitigation, and concludes with the detection, analysis, and management of pipeline spans to prevent structural issues.

Operational Integrity and Maintenance

Dive into the world of flow assurance, exploring how to maintain uninterrupted pipeline operations and tackle flow restrictions. Delve into the mechanisms of corrosion, its monitoring, and prevention to uphold pipeline integrity.

Gain practical knowledge about pigging operations, the types of pigs used, and the criteria for their selection. Enhance your understanding of internal inspection methods to detect and diagnose pipeline health.

Risk Management and External Assessment

Learn what to look for during external inspections and the advanced methods used for assessing the condition of risers, flexibles, and pig traps to ensure pipeline integrity.

Discover how to develop a risk-based inspection plan and assess pipeline defects through a comprehensive overview of defect types, assessment codes, and their implications for pipeline safety.

Advanced Repair Techniques and Longevity

Examine the characteristics and causes of dents in subsea pipelines, the assessment techniques, and the isolation procedures necessary for safe pipeline operations.

Explore innovative offshore repair methods, from composite repairs to hyperbaric welding, and strategies for extending the operational life of aging subsea pipeline infrastructure.


Who should attend?

This programme serves industry professionals by offering updated information and skills crucial for navigating the evolving energy sector, and future energy professionals by providing a unique perspective and competitive edge for a successful career in this field. 

Navigating the Course: Breakdown

Dive deeper into each day to unlock a wealth of knowledge. Click on the tabs below for a more detailed overview of what each day entails in your pipeline integrity learning journey.

Foundations of Pipeline Integrity Management

  • Understanding PIMS

    • Introduction to Pipeline Integrity Management Systems

    • Key Processes and Best Practices

  • Stability Analysis

    • Investigating Pipeline Instabilities

    • Evaluating Data Sources and Analysis Techniques

    • Exploring Stabilisation Methods

  • Thermal Buckling

    • Identifying and Assessing Thermal Buckling in Pipelines

    • Mitigation Strategies and Remedial Actions

  • Addressing Spans

    • Detection and Assessment of Pipeline Spans

    • Stress Analysis and Vibration Mitigation

Ensuring Flow and Maintaining Integrity

  • Flow Assurance Fundamentals

    • Understanding Flow Dynamics and Regimes

    • Troubleshooting Flow Restrictions and Implementing Controls

  • Comprehensive Corrosion Management

    • Types and Models of Corrosion Processes

    • Effective Monitoring and Control Measures

  • Optimising Pigging Operations

    • Pigging Mechanics: Types and Suitability

    • Ensuring Piggability and Efficient Operations

  • Internal Inspection Techniques

    • Advanced Pigging Technologies

    • Non-pigging Inspection Methods and their Applications

Advanced Inspection and Risk Management

  • External Inspection Protocols

    • Key External Inspection Techniques and Focus Areas

    • Inspecting Risers, Flexibles, and Pig Traps

  • Risk-Based Inspection Strategies

    • Developing and Implementing a Risk-Based Inspection Plan

    • Understanding and Applying Risk Assessment Models

  • Detailed Defect Assessment

    • Classifying Defect Types and Assessing Impact

    • Applying Codes and Standards for Defect Management


Specialised Techniques and Life Extension

  • Dent Assessment and Management

    • Analysing Dent Characteristics and Causes

    • Assessment Methods and Protection Strategies

  • Pipeline Isolation and Safety

    • Isolation Techniques: From High Friction Pigs to Pipe Freezing

    • Ensuring Safety in Isolation Operations

  • Offshore Repairs

    • Techniques for Effective Offshore Pipeline Repairs

    • Understanding Hyperbaric Welding and Other Methods

  • Extending Pipeline Life

    • Addressing Ageing Assets and Design Life Considerations

    • Strategies for Pipeline Life Extension

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme you will:

  • Understand the importance of a robust pipeline integrity management system
  • Learn appropriate measures for maintaining pipeline integrity
  • Identify typical integrity threats and associated risks to offshore pipeline systems
  • Select the most appropriate inspection technique for threat detection
  • Understand commonly used integrity assessments and associated repair options
  • Choose the best integrity assessment approach for various scenarios
  • Master the approach for life extension of subsea pipelines

Meet Your Expert Tutors

Richard Espiner

Richard Espiner

Meng, CEng, MIMechE

Richard, a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, brings over 25 years of rich experience in various pipeline engineering roles, serving both consulting and operating companies. His specialisation lies in the crucial areas of pipeline integrity management, risk and reliability assessment, defect assessment, and in-line inspection.

In his role as a Jee trainer, Richard stands out for his enthusiasm in interacting with a wide range of course delegates. He finds great satisfaction in sharing his wealth of experiences and insights, enriching the learning journey of his students.

Richard’s teaching style fosters an engaging and dynamic learning environment, encouraging active participation and the sharing of ideas. This approach not only imparts crucial technical knowledge but also prepares students for the collaborative and ever-evolving nature of the engineering industry. 

Dem Demetriou

Dem Demetriou

BEng (Hons), MSc, DIC, CEng, FIMarEst, MBA FCMI

With a rich professional journey spanning over two decades, Dem has established himself as a specialist in project management, facilities engineering, and strategic general management. His expertise encompasses Front-End Engineering Design (FEED), detailed and conceptual design, procurement, topsides, and construction. This extensive experience makes him a treasure trove of knowledge and practical insights, particularly in the dynamic field of subsea engineering. 

In his teaching role, Dem brings this wealth of experience to the classroom. His courses are a blend of theoretical knowledge backed by real-world application, offering students a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in subsea engineering projects. 

Phil Goby

Phil Goby

BEng (Hons), CEng, MIMechE

Phil's career as a Senior Pipeline Engineer and Team Leader is marked by over 20 years of managing and optimising Pipeline Operations and Integrity across numerous North Sea Assets. His deep technical expertise and comprehensive understanding of industry standards have been pivotal in ensuring operations align with regulatory expectations.

In the classroom, Phil applies his extensive practical knowledge to provide students with a real-world perspective on pipeline engineering challenges. He adeptly bridges the gap between theoretical concepts and their practical applications, ensuring that students gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. 

Graham Wilson

Graham Wilson

MEng (Hons), CEng, MIMechE

Graham, serving as Jee's Head of Integrity Management, has over 20 years of industry experience. His credentials are further enhanced by his role as a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and a Fellow, showcasing his profound expertise and commitment to the engineering field. Graham's specialisations in integrity management, design, fishing interaction studies, and verification have positioned him at the forefront of the industry. Additionally, his significant contribution as the Convenor of ISO WG 17 illustrates his pivotal role in shaping international standards, further testament to his global influence and technical acumen. 

In his capacity as Head of Late Life, Graham brings a strategic and comprehensive approach to managing the challenges of aging infrastructure and decommissioning processes. This role complements his extensive teaching responsibilities, where he leads courses in integrity management, corrosion defect assessment, and decommissioning programme development and execution. 

Start Dates

Location Start Date End Date Number of Days Timings
Virtual (via MS Teams)
25th March
28th March 2024
09:00 to 16:30 (with regular breaks)
Virtual (via MS Teams)
14th May 2024
17th May 2024
09:00 to 16:30 (with regular breaks)
Virtual (via MS Teams)
19th August 2024
22nd August 2024

09:00 to 16:30 (with regular breaks)

Aberdeen, North East Scotland (Face-to-Face)

10th September 2024
13th September 2024

09:00 to 16:30 (with regular breaks)

Virtual (via MS Teams)
19th November 2024
22nd November 2024
09:00 to 16:30 (with regular breaks)

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  • Industry Expert Interaction: Network and learn from seasoned industry professionals throughout the course, discussing real-world challenges and solutions.

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