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Jee Integrity Management Academy

Mastering Subsea Integrity: Knowledge & Application


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Shape your professional growth with Jee's Integrity Management Academy, offering you the flexibility to customise your education. Our extensive programme portfolio enables you to align your learning with your specific professional interests and career aspirations.

A Deep Dive into Our Integrity Management Courses

The Jee Integrity Management Academy offers an array of specialised courses designed to provide an extensive understanding of subsea engineering. From the crucial integrity management of subsea pipelines to the intricate details of flexibles and risers, each course is tailored to enhance your professional expertise. 
Delve into the lessons learned from past projects, understand the nuances of offshore remedial works, and master the complexities of corrosion defect assessment. 
Our courses also include advanced topics like dynamic riser analysis and freespan assessment, ensuring a holistic education that prepares you for the challenges of lifetime extension, decommissioning, and efficient subsea project management. 

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Understanding Our Fee Structure

Exceptional Value with Our Bundle Offer

Investing in your professional development is now more accessible with our specially priced bundle. For £9,995, you gain access to all of our comprehensive programmes within the Jee Integrity Management Academy. This bundle, valued at over £30,000, offers exceptional value, allowing you to deepen your expertise across all aspects of integrity management at a significantly reduced cost. Choose this option for a cost-effective way to broaden your knowledge and skills.

Our Integrity Management Programmes Start From:


Explore our diverse course offerings with fees ranging from £2,495 to £3,995, tailored to meet your specific learning needs and career goals in subsea engineering.

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All Integrity Courses


Unlock comprehensive learning: Access all of our expert-led courses for just £9,995, and elevate your professional expertise in subsea engineering.


Professionals Trained: Empowering professionals with industry-leading knowledge.


Countries: Our global footprint in energy training spans continents.


Courses Offered: Diverse and specialised courses tailored for the energy sector.

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Kickstart your journey with our Integrity Management Course Bundle – a curated selection designed to deepen your understanding and skills in this vital sector. Get involved now and be at the forefront of subsea engineering.