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Optimising Design 

In the ever-evolving energy landscape, Jee distinguishes itself as a reliable leader:

  • Three Decades of Design Innovation: A history of over thirty years in leading design advancements, enhancing energy systems worldwide.
  • Advanced Design Philosophy: Our approach surpasses traditional methods, effectively preventing inefficiencies, adhering to environmental standards, and reducing operational costs.
  • Focus on Renewable Energies: Our commitment to reinforcing resilient infrastructure is vital in the transition to sustainable energy solutions.

Benefits of Expert Design

Design in the energy sector is a critical aspect that drives innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. It plays a pivotal role in transforming concepts into practical and effective energy solutions. Here are three core benefits of robust design:

Innovation Acceleration

Good design propels innovation by fostering the development of new technologies and methods, which can lead to more efficient energy production and utilisation.

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Cost Reduction

Thoughtful design can significantly lower both capital and operational expenses by optimising systems for maximum efficiency and longevity, thus offering better financial outcomes.

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Sustainability Enhancement

Design with sustainability in mind helps to minimise environmental impact, ensuring that energy solutions contribute to a greener future by using resources responsibly and reducing emissions.

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Meet John: The Cornerstone of Our Expertise

With proven experience and dedication, our lead specialist stands ready to offer you the best guidance and solutions.

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John French

Head of Design

John has been working in the oil and gas industry since 2002 and, as Jee’s Head of Design, is responsible for overseeing all design projects, from pre-FEED studies through to detailed design engineering. John’s current focus is on developing low-cost solutions to reduce installation and development costs for marginal fields.


The Jee Advantage

At Jee, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients. As pioneers in our field, we have continuously evolved to offer unparalleled advantages that make us stand out in the market. Here's why choosing Jee is a game-changer.

Rich Expertise

With three decades of experience in design, we have established ourselves as industry leaders known for our exceptional design skills.

Innovative Problem-Solving

We excel in navigating complex and unique design challenges, exemplified by our creation of lightweight riser clamps for simplified installation.

Optimised Cost Efficiency

Through smart planning and effective management, we consistently achieve significant operational cost savings, ensuring you get the most from your investment.

Holistic Project Support

We are alongside our clients at every juncture of their design projects, from concept, FEED to detailed design, providing a supportive scaffold for success.  

Your Partners in Progress

Moving beyond the usual engineer-client interaction, we stand as your dedicated partners. Our friendly and understanding team is fully committed to meeting your needs. 

Global Impact, Local Touch

While we contribute to the safety and efficiency of critical energy infrastructure worldwide, we ensure the care and personalised attention you'd expect from a local partner. 


Our Design Services

In the dynamic and challenging field of subsea engineering, our company stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. We are proud to offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the design, assessment, and optimisation of subsea infrastructure. Our expertise spans a wide range of critical areas, ensuring that every aspect of your project is handled with the utmost precision and professionalism.




Pipeline (Flexible and Rigid)

From feasibility studies to design assurance, we offer a comprehensive range of services for pipeline design, ensuring the integrity and efficiency of flexible and rigid pipelines. 

Risers, including Retrofit Risers, and Clamps

Our expertise extends to risers, including retrofit solutions and clamps, providing you with tailored design recommendations for optimal performance and safety.

Caissons and J-tubes

Ensure the reliability of caissons and J-tubes with our meticulous design assessments, ensuring they meet industry standards and function as intended.

Cable Route Selection

We offer cable route selection services, optimising the placement of subsea cables to minimise risks and operational disruptions.

Subsea Structures

Our services cover subsea structures, guaranteeing that your designs are sound, secure, and comply with industry regulations.

FEA of Specialist Components

For specialised components such as flanges, pull heads, bend restrictors, and wye-pieces, we conduct finite element analysis (FEA) to ensure their structural integrity and performance.

Pipeline Route Selection

Our experts can perform dedicated studies to select the optimal pipeline route, considering environmental and operational factors.

Stability Design

We offer stability design services to prevent issues like pipeline movement and ensure long-term reliability.

Buckling Analysis

Our team conducts buckling analysis to mitigate the risk of pipeline buckling under various conditions.

Cathodic Protection Design

We specialise in cathodic protection design to safeguard your pipeline against corrosion and extend its lifespan.

Crossing Design

We provide crossing design solutions to ensure the safe passage of pipelines under other structures or water bodies.

Structure Overtrawling Studies 

Our studies assess the impact of subsea structures on fishing activities, helping you avoid potential risks and conflicts.

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Design Capability Statement

View all of our expert services by getting access to our comprehensive Capability Statement. This detailed document not only showcases our extensive experience and proficiency in our field but also outlines the innovative solutions and bespoke strategies we offer to tackle your unique challenges. Simply click the button to get access to our capability statement, and embark on a journey towards unparalleled excellence and industry-leading expertise with us.

Latest Design Insights

Uncover insights and direction derived from our extensive expertise in design. Direct, practical, and anchored in profound understanding.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Hear it straight from our partners: peruse the testimonials that highlight our dedication, quality, and the significant impact of our work. Their stories are a powerful endorsement of our unwavering commitment to excellence in decommissioning.

Jee gave us an excellent level of technical support throughout our project, from design through to commissioning, providing the expertise we needed to address the design, procurement and construction challenges and provide cost-effective solutions.

David Young

Project Engineer | Perenco

I was very happy with the support I received from Jee who responded quickly to an urgent request to review the technical documents for a cathodic protection system. Jee’s ability to react immediately at a critical time was vital for the success of our project. 

Paul Grant

Project Management | Flexlife

We are delighted with the high-quality technical work Jee delivers every time on our projects.

Tony Yates

Pipeline Engineer | CNR International UK

Initiate Your Venture with Leading-Edge Design Expertise!

With unparalleled expertise in sophisticated design services, we tailor our solutions to navigate the intricacies of your project requirements. Our spectrum encompasses all phases, from preliminary design concepts to the final touches, ensuring efficiency and economical benefits. As your partners in innovation, we offer global expertise with a bespoke touch, securing the future of energy infrastructure with a commitment to outstanding quality. Reach out to us to enhance your projects with strategic, expert-driven design partnerships.