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Harnessing Hydrogen Fuel Cells for a Sustainable Future


About the Course

This is an intensive two-day programme designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills to leverage hydrogen fuel cell technology for advancing global sustainability. This course provides a thorough exploration of hydrogen fuel cells, covering the latest innovations, market dynamics, and environmental impacts through a combination of theoretical insights and practical case studies. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of hydrogen production techniques, fuel cell advancements, and the economic viability of hydrogen technologies. 

Day one begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of hydrogen fuel cells, including their operation, components, and types. Participants will delve into the electrochemistry of fuel cells, exploring processes, efficiency metrics, and performance factors. The course also covers the latest developments in fuel cell materials and design, highlighting innovations that enhance durability and efficiency. 

The second day focuses on advanced fuel cell technologies and their real-world applications. Participants will learn about innovations in membrane technology, catalysts, and electrodes, as well as thermal and water management within fuel cells. The course includes an in-depth look at sustainable hydrogen production methods, such as green hydrogen production through water electrolysis, and advances in hydrogen storage technologies. 

Throughout the programme, participants will engage in interactive workshops and group projects, such as designing a fuel cell system and analysing real-world hydrogen fuel cell projects. These activities are designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, providing participants with hands-on experience and insights into the challenges and solutions associated with hydrogen fuel cells. 

By the end of the course, attendees will have a solid understanding of hydrogen fuel cell technology and its potential to drive the transition to a sustainable energy future. They will be equipped to apply this knowledge in various sectors, from transportation to industrial power, and contribute to the development and implementation of hydrogen-based energy solutions. 


Who's it for
  • Investors: Identify and capitalise on promising investment opportunities within the hydrogen fuel cell sector. 

  • Energy professionals: Gain comprehensive insights into hydrogen technologies to enhance strategic planning and implementation. 

  • Sustainability officers: Develop expertise in hydrogen fuel cells to drive sustainability initiatives within organisations. 

  • Policy makers: Understand the economic and regulatory impacts of hydrogen fuel cells to create effective policies. 

  • Technology developers: Learn about the latest advancements in fuel cell technology to innovate and improve existing solutions.


Learning Objectives
  • Understand the fundamental principles and operation of hydrogen fuel cells, including their components and types.

  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of hydrogen production, storage, and conversion technologies.

  • Analyse the global hydrogen fuel cell market, focusing on key drivers, economic analysis, and policy impacts.

  • Evaluate the environmental impact of hydrogen fuel cells through lifecycle assessments. 

  • Apply knowledge from real-world case studies to explore practical applications and address implementation challenges of hydrogen fuel cell technology. 

Course Content
Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • Attain a deep understanding of the core principles and functioning of hydrogen fuel cells. 

  • Master the latest advancements in hydrogen production, storage, and conversion technologies. 

  • Develop the skills to analyse and interpret the global hydrogen fuel cell market, considering economic and regulatory factors. 

  • Conduct thorough environmental impact assessments of hydrogen fuel cells. 

  • Gain practical experience in applying hydrogen fuel cell technology through real-world case studies and problem-solving exercises. 


Your Tutor

Amrit Tutor
Amrit Chandan

Dr Amrit Chandan is a renowned entrepreneur and expert in the field of chemical engineering, specialising in sustainable energy solutions. With a strong background in fuel cells, Amrit has been named on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and awarded the Hawley Award for Engineering Innovation. His expertise extends to renewable energy technologies, including sustainable energy storage. Amrit's insights and innovations have been featured in prominent publications such as The Telegraph, The Guardian, and BBC, highlighting his contributions to advancing sustainable energy.

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