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Optimising Offshore Wind

Jee stands at the forefront in the offshore wind sector within the ever-evolving energy landscape. Our approach and achievements are summarised in three key points:

  • Pioneering in Wind Turbine Technology: Enhancing global offshore wind farm performance and efficiency through groundbreaking technology.
  • Beyond Basic Engineering: Emphasising sustainable practices, strict adherence to environmental standards, and reducing operational costs.
  • Commitment to Renewable Energy: Our focus on developing and maintaining cutting-edge offshore wind infrastructure is vital for a sustainable energy future.

The Jee Advantage

At Jee, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients. As pioneers in our field, we have continuously evolved to offer unparalleled advantages that make us stand out in the market. Here's why choosing Jee is a game-changer.

Rich Expertise

Our company boasts over 30 years of experience, with rich expertise in executing complex offshore wind projects across diverse sectors.

Innovative Problem-Solving

We deliver innovative offshore wind solutions through successful installations that demonstrate our problem-solving abilities.

Cost Effective

Our strategic offshore wind approach aims to optimise costs, ensuring excellent financial stewardship and value for your offshore wind endeavours.

Comprehensive Support

Our offshore wind services cover the entire project lifecycle, providing support from the initial planning stages through to maintenance.

Our People, Your Partners

We are more than engineers; we are your dedicated partners. Our team is friendly, empathetic, and deeply committed to understanding and meeting your unique needs.

Global Impact, Local Touch

We are proud to contribute to the safe and efficient operation of critical energy infrastructure around the world, with the care and personal touch of a local partner.

Benefits of Expert Offshore Wind

Offshore wind development is not just a sustainable alternative; it's a strategic approach that delivers multiple advantages. It involves the establishment of wind farms in marine areas, ensuring that environmental and safety standards are prioritised. Here are three key benefits:

Expertise in Subsea Engineering

Jee's deep knowledge in subsea engineering ensures efficient, safe, and cost-effective designs for offshore wind farms.

Offshore Wind Farm at Sunset


Leveraging innovative solutions, Jee enhances the efficiency and resilience of offshore wind projects.

Offshore Oil and Gas Rig with Wind Farm in the background Image

Comprehensive Project Management

With extensive experience in managing large-scale projects, Jee offers efficient, all-encompassing project management, optimising timelines and budgets for offshore wind developments.

Sunset Offshore Wind Farm with Cables Image - 1

Latest Offshore Wind Insights

Discover insights and guidance drawn from our substantial expertise in Offshore Wind. Straightforward, pragmatic, and rooted in deep knowledge


Our Offshore Wind Services

In the dynamic and innovative field of offshore wind energy, our company stands as a leader in technical expertise and sustainable solutions. We are proud to offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the lifecycle of offshore wind farms, from initial design and installation to maintenance and upgrade. Our expertise spans a wide range of critical areas, ensuring that every aspect of your wind energy project is managed with the highest standards of excellence and sustainability.




Wind Farm Development and Design

We offer comprehensive services for the development and design of offshore wind farms, including site selection, feasibility studies, and technological solutions to harness wind energy efficiently. This encompasses the management of wind turbine installation and grid connection to ensure optimal performance and integration.

Structures, Turbines, and Cables Optimisation

Our services include detailed assessments and optimisation of wind turbines, substructures, and underwater cables. Utilising cutting-edge technology and environmental knowledge, we conduct Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) to ensure sustainable project development.

Maintenance and Inspection

We conduct thorough and regular inspections of wind turbines and associated infrastructure to ensure their continued efficiency and safety. Our services cover everything from routine maintenance to major component replacement, adapting to the evolving needs of the offshore wind sector.

Wind Farm Project Management

Our project management services ensure the successful delivery of offshore wind projects from conception through to operation. We focus on smooth execution, regulatory compliance, and liaising with stakeholders for a streamlined project completion.

Sustainability and Ecosystem Management

We are dedicated to implementing strategies that not only support the operational needs of wind farms but also protect marine ecosystems. Our approach includes the development of best practices for minimising environmental impact while maintaining high safety and performance standards.

Quality and Performance Assurance

In all our offshore wind projects, we guarantee the highest levels of quality and performance, adhering to rigorous standards and best practices for a sustainable and efficient operation of wind energy infrastructure.

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Offshore Wind Capability Statement

View all of our expert services by getting access to our comprehensive Capability Statement. This detailed document not only showcases our extensive experience and proficiency in our field but also outlines the innovative solutions and bespoke strategies we offer to tackle your unique challenges. Simply click the button to get access to our capability statement, and embark on a journey towards unparalleled excellence and industry-leading expertise with us.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Hear it straight from our partners: peruse the testimonials that highlight our dedication, quality, and the significant impact of our work. Their stories are a powerful endorsement of our unwavering commitment to excellence in Offshore Wind.

We brought in Jee to consider our offshore pipeline options during the initial stages of our project, taking advantage of their extensive knowledge.

Russell Cooper

CCS Network Design Manager | National Grid

The work was considered to be of a very high standard, was executed well and exceeded my expectations. Working with Jee was a very positive experience, in terms of the timely support, feedback and delivery of the work.

Kevin Lawson

Subsea Manager | Petrofac

We have received valuable support from Jee who were able to provide the experience we needed to complement our team at a crucial time. We look forward to working together on future opportunities.

Duncan Dunce

Senior Technical Analyst | Wellstream International Limited

Start Your Journey with Our Offshore Wind Solutions!

Proudly showcasing unparalleled expertise in comprehensive offshore wind services, we tailor our solutions to meet the unique challenges of your wind energy projects. Our scope spans from initial planning to final implementation, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness. As your partners in sustainable energy, we offer global capabilities with a customised touch, championing the future of renewable infrastructure with a commitment to excellence. Contact us to elevate your offshore wind initiatives through strategic, expert-led collaborations.