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Meet Our Experienced Management.


Trevor Jee

MA, CEng, FIMechE

Managing Director

Trevor formed Jee in 1988 and has built the company into a specialist subsea engineering and training firm with clients worldwide. As Executive Chairman Trevor provides strategic input to the leadership team and leads Jee's research and development projects.


Stephen Moore


Director of Training

Stephen, Jee's Training Director, designs and delivers high-quality learning experiences. He has a successful track record in building growth models for EdTech companies and membership organisations prior to joining Jee.


Heads of Engineering

Meet Our Lead Engineers.


Mike Hawkins

BTech, CEng, FIMechE

Technical Authority

Mike has over 30 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry and is Jee’s Technical Director. He has particular expertise in design, pipeline buckling, third party verification, freespan and FE analysis and fatigue assessment. Mike teaches the Construction of subsea pipelines and Installation calculations of subsea pipelines course.

Graham Wilson

MEng, CEng, FIMechE

Head of Integrity Management and Decommissioning

Graham, a dedicated professional who commenced his journey with Jee in October 2004, is well-versed in integrity management and decommissioning. While his primary focus is on these areas, he also has experience in design and pigging projects. 

John 2

John French

MEng, CEng

Head of Design & Energy Transition

John, a seasoned professional since 2007, specialises in Design. He thrives on varied project challenges, constantly learning and exceeding customer expectations through innovative solutions.


Sean Tucker


Head of Pigging & Engineering Operations

Sean is a specialist in pipeline pigging project management and technical assurance. His global experience of pigging projects ranges from pigging feasibility studies to on and offshore management of inline inspections. Sean has provided technical assurance to a wide range of tools from standard ILIs to crawler and isolation tools.

Our Engineers

Meet Our Team of Brilliant Engineers

Amy MacDonald

Amy MacDonald

MEng, AMIMechE

Senior Engineer

Amy, our Senior Engineer, has excelled since joining the company as a graduate in 2018. Specialising predominantly in pigging, Amy finds her work particularly rewarding due to the diversity and unique challenges each project presents. This variety fuels her passion for engineering, as she consistently navigates through new challenges, ensuring her professional growth and contribution to the field remain dynamic and impactful.


Iain Milne


E2 Engineer

Iain, who joined Jee in 2017, works across various engineering expertise areas, with a primary focus on Integrity Management. He has completed valuable secondments with major clients, providing a unique perspective. Iain finds great satisfaction in collaborating with the dynamic team at Jee, relishing the diversity of projects and client engagement. He has further enriched his skill set by successfully applying the knowledge gained from various Jee training courses to deliver exceptional results for clients.

Koshy Soloman

Koshy Soloman


E2 Engineer

Koshy, previously a Graduate Engineer in 2019, specialises in Integrity Management with some involvement in pigging projects. He finds his role captivating due to the diversity of ever-changing projects that keep him engaged and intrigued. 
Matthew Roberts

Matthew Roberts


E2 Engineer

Matthew, who began his journey in September 2019, is currently seconded to Serica but primarily specialises in Integrity Management. He relishes the diversity of his role, where each project presents unique challenges, making every job distinct and engaging.

Craig Smith

Craig Smith

CEng MIMechE

Senior Engineer

Craig, who started at Jee as a graduate in 2018, now holds a prominent position within the company. He plays a vital role primarily in both the pigging and Integrity Management divisions, thriving in the fast-paced nature of his work and taking pride in the diversity of projects he has been able to contribute to and successfully deliver.

David Cumming

BEng, MSc

Lead Engineer

David, a dedicated professional who joined Jee in 2014, focuses primarily on integrity management. While he occasionally delves into pigging work, his main expertise lies within the Integrity Management division, where he excels in ensuring the reliability and longevity of crucial industrial systems. 


Martin East

CEng, MIMechE, NRA

Principal Engineer

Martin, our accomplished Principal Engineer, leads our engineering projects with a wealth of experience and a dedication to technical excellence and innovation. His exceptional leadership and problem-solving skills are integral to our continued success in the field.


Philip Goby

BEng, CEng, MIMechE

Principal Engineer

Phillip, who joined in March 2021, specialises in Integrity Management of Onshore and Offshore pipelines, flexibles, Pigging, Pipeline Operations, and Asset Acquisition/Divestments. He finds great satisfaction in the diverse aspects of his role, which range from tutoring courses to collaborating with clients across various companies. 

Alan Currie

Alan Currie


E1 Engineer

Alan, one of our Graduate Engineers, brings fresh enthusiasm to our engineering team. His thirst for knowledge and passion for problem-solving make him a valuable asset as he embarks on his engineering career journey with us.
Luke Munro

Luke Munro


E1 Engineer

Luke, who joined in September 2022, focuses on Integrity Management and Pigging. He cherishes the diversity of his role, where each day brings unique challenges and experiences, making his work consistently engaging.

Trudy Nicol

Project Co-ordinator

Trudy, our efficient Project Coordinator, is vital to our project management team. Her keen attention to detail and strong organisational skills ensure smooth project execution, contributing to successful outcomes for our clients.

Estera Hendry

Project Controller

Estera joined Jee in November 2022, specialising in Project Controls and Project Management. As a Project Controller, she ensures projects stay on budget and on schedule, allowing Jee engineers to focus on their technical expertise. She values her career at Jee, a workplace known for its intelligent and friendly staff.


Our Graduate Engineers

Meet Our Dedicated Graduate Engineers


Cameron Gerrie

MEng, AMIMechE

Graduate Engineer

Cameron, our Graduate Engineer, specialises in Integrity Management with a focus on Lifetime Extensions. He excels in analytical tasks, particularly calculations and spreadsheets, ensuring the reliability of critical industrial systems.

Jack Seath

Jack Seath


Graduate Engineer

Jack, who began his journey at Jee in October 2023 as a Graduate Engineer, enjoys the cross-disciplinary nature of his role. He relishes the opportunity to work on diverse projects, which continually challenge him and foster skill development. 

James Johnson


Graduate Engineer

James, a Graduate Engineer, injects youthful energy into our engineering team. His eagerness to learn and knack for creative problem-solving make him a valuable addition as he begins his engineering journey with us.
Jeffery Dodoo

Jeffery Dodoo


Graduate Engineer

Jeffrey, who joined on 23rd October 2023, is a Graduate Engineer primarily focused on Integrity Management projects while collaborating with the pigging team. He values this role as it allows him to explore diverse engineering fields, helping him discern his true potential and passion within the various engineering disciplines


Business Development

Meet Those Who Build Our Business Opportunities.


Jon Davidson

CEng, BSc

Oil & Gas Business Development Manager

Jon, a dedicated professional since July 2010, excels in business development. His expertise lies in cultivating new client relationships and fostering long-term partnerships, significantly contributing to Jee's sales growth.


Sebastian Pyka

Senior Business Development Executive

Sebastian, our Senior Business Development Executive, is instrumental in our company's growth. With a strong track record in partnership-building and client expansion, he drives our business forward by identifying opportunities and delivering tailored solutions.


Helena Jones

Business Development Manager

Helena became part of Jee in October 2023, taking on the role of Business Development Manager. Prior to this, she successfully led an online retail sales team, and she is eager to apply her skills and expertise to her new position. Her tenure at Jee has afforded her the chance to thrive in a dynamic setting, collaborating with a diverse range of international clients.

Joe Robertson

Business Development Manager

Joe, our dynamic Business Development Manager, is instrumental in driving our company's growth and success. With a proven track record in identifying opportunities, fostering key partnerships, and delivering tailored solutions, he's a driving force behind our business development efforts.


Business Support

Meet The Team Behind Business Support


Kim Smith

Office Manager

Kim, our efficient Office Manager, ensures the smooth operation of our workplace. With excellent organisational skills and attention to detail, she creates a productive and harmonious office environment for our team to thrive in. Kim's dedication keeps our office running seamlessly, allowing us to focus on our core objectives.

Justine Docherty

HR Manager

Justine, our HR Manager, excels in talent management and creating a positive workplace culture. She ensures our team thrives and grows in their careers.


Heather Banks

Financial Controller

Heather, our adept Financial Controller, oversees our financial operations with precision. Her expertise ensures our financial stability and empowers us to make strategic decisions with confidence.


Kate Aguilera

Marketing Manager

Kate, our Marketing Manager is known for her ability to develop and execute marketing strategies that drive brand visibility and business growth. With a strong background in digital marketing, strategic planning, and team leadership she brings valuable expertise to any marketing endeavor.

Isabel Simon


Resourcing Specialist

Isabel, who joined on 8th August 2023, is dedicated to Recruitment at Jee. She thrives in her dynamic and impactful role, connecting talented professionals with career opportunities at Jee. Her work in shaping successful teams brings a profound sense of purpose, blending interpersonal skills, strategic thinking, and a passion for people, making each day uniquely satisfying.


Evie Brewer

Training Administrator

Evie, our dedicated Training Administrator, ensures the seamless operation of our training programs. Her meticulous attention to detail and organisational skills contribute to a positive learning experience for our clients and learners, facilitating the success of our training initiatives.


Lucy Ward

Training Administrator

Lucy, our skilled Training Administrator, plays a vital role in managing our training courses. Her meticulous approach and strong organisational skills contribute to an exceptional learning experience for our clients and learners, fostering the success of our training initiatives.

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