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Offshore Wind


About the Course

This three-day programme is designed to provide professionals with a deep understanding of offshore wind farm projects. From planning and design to decommissioning, this course covers all phases, including both traditional fixed-bottom and cutting-edge floating wind farm technologies, as well as innovative offshore hydrogen production. Participants will gain insights into risk assessment and management, ensuring they are well-prepared to tackle the challenges in the industry. 

Day one focuses on the fundamentals of offshore wind energy, including the principles, advantages, and challenges of both fixed-bottom and floating wind turbines. Participants will learn about regulatory frameworks and government policies, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the differences between offshore and onshore wind energy. 

On the second day, the course delves into the technologies driving offshore wind. Participants will explore the details of fixed-bottom and floating wind turbines, offshore hydrogen production, grid integration, and energy storage solutions. The day includes a discussion on global market trends and innovations in offshore wind technology. 

The final day addresses the project lifecycle, from planning and design to construction, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning. Participants will learn about site selection, environmental and technical considerations, turbine layout, subsea cables, and permitting processes. The course will also cover construction techniques, the role of marine vessels, subsea cable installation, and minimising environmental impacts. 

Throughout the programme, interactive sessions, case studies, and group projects provide practical insights and hands-on experience. By the end of the course, attendees will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to manage offshore wind projects effectively, apply industry best practices, and contribute to the global transition to sustainable energy. 


Who's it for
  • Project Managers: Learn practical approaches to manage offshore wind projects from planning to decommissioning, ensuring efficiency and success. 

  • Energy Professionals: Enhance strategic planning and implementation skills with a deep understanding of offshore wind technologies and operations. 

  • Investors: Discover and capitalise on lucrative opportunities in the offshore wind sector, informed by the latest market trends and innovations. 

  • Sustainability Officers: Drive impactful sustainability initiatives by gaining detailed knowledge of offshore wind energy. 

  • Policy Makers: Develop effective policies with insights into the regulatory and economic impacts of offshore wind energy. 

  • Engineers: Gain technical expertise in the design, construction, and maintenance of offshore wind farms. 

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the fundamental principles and technologies of offshore wind energy.

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the project lifecycle from planning to decommissioning.

  • Learn risk assessment and management techniques specific to offshore wind projects.

  • Develop skills in operational and maintenance strategies for offshore wind farms.

  • Stay informed about the latest industry trends and technological advancements. 

Course Content
Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • Acquire comprehensive knowledge of offshore wind energy principles and technologies.

  • Develop expertise in managing the complete lifecycle of offshore wind projects.

  • Gain proficiency in risk assessment and management for offshore wind projects.

  • Attain skills in operational aspects and maintenance strategies for offshore wind farms.

  • Stay updated on industry innovations and trends, including offshore hydrogen production. 


Your Tutor

Amrit Tutor
Amrit Chandan

Dr Amrit Chandan, a renowned entrepreneur and expert in chemical engineering, specialises in sustainable energy solutions. Named on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and awarded the Hawley Award for Engineering Innovation, Amrit has extensive expertise in renewable energy technologies, including sustainable energy storage and offshore wind energy. Amrit has been featured in prominent publications such as The Telegraph, The Guardian, and BBC. In addition to his industry contributions, Amrit also teaches courses on offshore wind energy, sharing his knowledge and experience to educate the next generation of energy professionals.


"An excellent programme that enhanced my knowledge of renewable technologies and their impact on grid systems"
John M.
"The blend of theory and practical insights on new technologies was exactly what I needed. Excellent course!"
Subsea Engineer

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