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Optimising Integrity Management

Jee has established itself as a leader in the energy sector, bringing over 30 years of expertise to innovative design and system enhancement. Key highlights include:

  • Innovative Design Leadership: Pioneering advancements in energy system design, surpassing traditional methods.
  • Commitment to Efficiency and Compliance: Proactively combating inefficiency while strictly adhering to environmental regulations.
  • Focus on Renewable Energy: Strengthening infrastructure crucial for the transition towards sustainable, renewable energy sources.

The Jee Advantage

At Jee, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients. As pioneers in our field, we have continuously evolved to offer unparalleled advantages that make us stand out in the market. Here's why choosing Jee is a game-changer.

Rich Expertise

Our company boasts over 30 years of experience in Integrity Management, with rich expertise in handling complex projects across various sectors.

Innovative Problem-Solving

We demonstrate innovative Integrity Management solutions through intricate, successful installations, showcasing our problem-solving abilities.

Cost Effective

Our strategic Integrity Management approach ensures cost savings, providing excellent financial stewardship and value for.

Comprehensive Support

Our Integrity Management services provide full-cycle support, ensuring seamless execution and meticulous oversight at every stage, from initial planning through to successful project completion.

Our People, Your Partners

We are more than engineers; we are your dedicated partners. Our team is friendly, empathetic, and deeply committed to understanding and meeting your unique needs.

Global Impact, Local Touch

We are proud to contribute to the safe and efficient operation of critical energy infrastructure around the world, with the care and personal touch of a local partner.

Benefits of Expert Integrity Management

Integrity management is a critical aspect of maintaining the health and performance of industrial systems and structures. It encompasses a range of practices designed to ensure the continued safe, reliable, and efficient operation of assets throughout their lifecycle. Here are three key benefits of implementing a robust integrity management process:

Safety Assurance

Integrity management is pivotal in identifying potential risks and implementing measures to mitigate them, thus ensuring the safety of both personnel and the environment. Regular monitoring and maintenance create a safer workplace and minimise the risk of catastrophic failures.

Safety Assurance

Extended Asset Life

Through proactive inspections and upkeep, integrity management can significantly extend the operational lifespan of assets. By catching issues early and repairing them promptly, companies can avoid premature replacements and get the most value from their investments.

Extended Asset Life

Regulatory Compliance

Adhering to an integrity management program helps organizations comply with industry regulations and standards. This compliance not only avoids legal and financial repercussions but also upholds a company’s reputation in the market.

Reglatory Compliance (1)

Meet Graham: The Cornerstone of Our Expertise

With proven experience and dedication, our lead specialist stands ready to offer you the best guidance and solutions.

Graham Headshot Blue

Graham Wilson

Head of Integrity Management

Graham is an experienced chartered mechanical engineer who has been working in the oil and gas industry since he joined Jee as a graduate in 2004. Graham is also the convener of ISO WG 17 for lifetime extension and primary author of the document.



Latest Integrity Management Insights

Discover insights and guidance drawn from our substantial expertise in decommissioning. Straightforward, pragmatic, and rooted in deep knowledge


Our Integrity Management Services

Our Integrity Management Services encompass a suite of comprehensive strategies and assessments to maintain pipeline integrity, manage risks, and ensure continuous, safe, and efficient operation.




Pipeline Integrity Management Systems (PIMS)

We provide comprehensive PIMS services to ensure the structural and operational integrity of pipeline systems through continuous monitoring and management.

Subsea Integrity Management Systems (SIMS)

Our SIMS services are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of subsea infrastructure, using advanced methods to prevent major incidents.

Corrosion Management Strategy

We specialise in developing strategies to mitigate and manage corrosion-related risks, highlighting the importance of implementing effective corrosion management.

Pipeline Emergency Response Plans (ERP)

Our team develops robust ERP protocols to effectively respond to pipeline emergencies, aiming for rapid action and minimal impact.

Right of Way (ROW) Management

We provide ROW management services to monitor and maintain the surroundings of pipelines, preventing encroachment and ensuring safety.

Risk Based Assessment (RBA)

Utilising RBA, we assess potential risks to pipeline integrity, prioritising inspection and maintenance to target areas of greatest need.

Anomaly and Defect Assessment

Our services include detailed assessments to identify, analyse, and resolve anomalies and defects in pipeline systems.

Fitness for Service/Purpose

We evaluate pipelines to ensure they remain fit for their intended service or purpose, providing recommendations for maintenance and upkeep.

Commitment to Safety and Efficiency

Underpinning all our services is a commitment to safety and efficiency, ensuring the long-term reliability and performance of pipeline systems.

Design Capability Statement Website Image (1)


Integrity Management Capability Statement

View all of our expert services by getting access to our comprehensive Capability Statement. This detailed document not only showcases our extensive experience and proficiency in our field but also outlines the innovative solutions and bespoke strategies we offer to tackle your unique challenges. Simply click the button to get access to our capability statement, and embark on a journey towards unparalleled excellence and industry-leading expertise with us.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Discover the powerful endorsements of our partners through their testimonials, reflecting our dedication and the impactful quality of our work in integrity management. Their experiences bear witness to our steadfast commitment to upholding operational integrity with excellence.

Jee has provided diverse and quality support to BP’s North Sea pipeline operations from emergency response support to integrity management.

Paul Benstead

Pipeline Engineering Team | BP

I have found Jee Ltd’s Pipeline Integrity Management Services to be professional, competent and impartial. The years Perenco & Jee have worked together demonstrate a successful relationship we are both proud of.

Stephan Southgate

Integrity Team Leader | Perenco

Jee’s TIA provided us with clear and accessible evidence of the status of our pipelines, along with independent and trusted recommendations

Fraser Dewar

Pipeline Technical Authority | CNR International

Navigate Excellence with Our Integrity Management Solutions!

Our expert team leads with avant-garde integrity management services, customising our approach to meet the complex needs of your projects. We cover the full lifecycle, from preliminary evaluations to continuous upkeep, focusing on operational excellence and economic advantages. As your allies in preserving operational integrity, we bring world-class proficiency personalised to your context, fortifying energy infrastructures for the future with an unwavering pledge to superior quality. Connect with us to elevate your initiatives with insightful, professionally led integrity management collaboration.