Ageing subsea infrastructure in the oil and gas industry is a concern around the world. Operators must demonstrate that they are not exposing society to a greater risk through continued operation as pipeline systems that convey their products are operating close to or even past their design lives. An extension to the operating life of the pipelines is an obvious step, but to do this a pipeline lifetime extension assessment is required to assess and demonstrate the viability of continued operation.

This webinar focuses on case studies of projects performed around the Asia region, as well as providing an overview of the LTE process itself. As the industry recognised guidance document for lifetime extension, ISO TS 12747, is now being adopted in parts of Asia there is a growing requirement for collaboration and sharing of ideas in this sector. The presenter, Martyn Campbell, will discuss the factors to consider prior to extending operating life and highlight the available means of assessment to allow remnant life to be determined.

This webinar will be particularly beneficial to those in the Asia region that:

  • Are responsible for pipeline systems where operation beyond the design life is desirable
  • Are integrity engineers responsible for sanctioning or performing lifetime extension assessments
  • Are representatives of regulatory bodies tasked with verifying the safe and responsible operation of pipelines

Learning objectives

  • Understand the pipeline lifetime extension process and some of the studies necessary to assess remnant life
  • Become aware of the considerations for various time-dependant and time-independent degradation mechanisms through case studies focussed on projects completed in the Asia region
  • See where the future of lifetime extension lies and the developments ahead


Martyn Campbell at Jee

Martyn Campbell is an experienced chartered mechanical engineer with 13 years’ experience in the oil, gas and renewables industry. He has significant experience in pipeline integrity management, particularly late life aspects such as lifetime extension assessments. Martyn is Deputy Head of Late Life at Jee, which means he is responsible for managing the majority of lifetime extension assessments as well as developing the service line to consistently improve the breadth and quality of the output. Martyn is currently pursuing the objective of improving late life guidance for flexible pipeline systems.

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