The problem

A major operator, with assets in numerous global locations wished to develop a new pipeline system in the Middle East to transport sweet gas from four wells to a third party processing facility. As part of this development, a PIMS was needed.

We agreed the required contents of the PIMS with the client who then gathered the appropriate data. Jee was given this data in order to put together a comprehensive PIMS document for the new pipeline system.

The problem

We created a PIMS document to act as the main reference for the integrity management procedures throughout the lifetime of the pipeline. The PIMS document included detailed information on how the following points would be managed:

  • Safety systems and components
  • Personnel roles, responsibilities and interfaces
  • Basis of design and operations
  • Risk management
  • Mechanical and structural integrity
  • Emergency response and incident investigation
  • Documentation and reporting procedures

The benefits

As an independent company, our engineers are able to give objective and impartial advice, offering a range of solutions to a variety of issues.

We provided PIMS documentation that enabled the client to achieve regulatory approval to develop the project. Our extensive track record in providing integrity management solutions to subsea partners facilitated the success of this project.

We have the capability to help develop and maintain the PIMS. This ensures that experience gained during operation of the pipeline is captured and used to develop the PIMS further.

Find out more about our integrity management capabilities here.

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