Jee is delighted to announce that it has formed a partnership with specialists Pace Flow Assurance, to bring two additional courses to their expanding portfolio of courses within Learning Pathways.

Pace Flow Assurance, with offices in London and Kuala Lumpur, are the largest independent flow assurance consultants in both the UK and Malaysia. Pace offers expert flow assurance and engineering services to clients and projects all over the world, with a focus on modern work practices and clear communication.

Pace is also a world leader in delivering flow assurance for carbon capture and storage (CCS) developments. CCS is a rapidly-growing industry that is a vital link in the world’s progress towards a zero carbon future. Pace is closely involved with project delivery and with research in the field.

Pace and Jee share common values of technical engineering quality and experience so an attendee at a Pace Flow Assurance training course can expect the value, clarity and excellence that Jee have been delivering since 1995.

With the expertise that Pace can bring, the two new courses are:

Fundamentals of flow assurance engineering – a three day application level course providing engineers with the skills to understand and assess flow assurance issues that may affect a pipeline during its design and operation.

The course will provide;

  • Understanding the role of flow assurance through an oil and gas project life cycle.
  • Insight into all flow assurance issues that should be considered, for planned and unplanned operation, in the design of oil and gas systems.
  • The application of flow assurance theory and design to case studies and real world projects.

Carbon capture and storage networks – a two day application level course that provides engineers the technical background required to understand the operation of CCS networks, and the practical knowledge required for design.

The course will provide:

  • Background on the past, present and future of CCS as an enabling technology in the zero carbon development of fossil fuels, and the transition to worldwide carbon neutrality.
  • Understanding the technical basis for design of a CCS network and the state of research in CO2 and CCS today.
  • How to design and operate a real world CCS pipeline network.

The courses feature in the Oil and Gas > Projects > Design > Flowlines/Pipelines training pathway.

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