Subsea cables are the Achilles heel of the offshore renewables industry. They are often not given enough consideration during the project design stage and as a result they can present problems during operation that are costly to rectify. Such problems may include fatigue and over-bending from scenarios such as spanning from a bell-mouth, cable exposure leading to instability, and scour. Most of these operational issues are not new but they appear time and again on new installations.

Some work has been done to attempt to overcome these issues, and some have succeeded. However, cable integrity management through the 20+ years design life remains a drain on resources and a real threat to the success of renewable energy projects. As we move into developing sectors such as tidal and wave, we need to learn from our experience in the offshore wind sector and create solutions to the challenges that lay ahead.

This webinar will give an overview of some of the main issues with subsea cables, focussing on cable spans, exposure and instability. Some of the recent developments and innovative solutions for the tidal and wave sectors will also be discussed.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the current issues in the industry with respect to subsea cables
  • Gain an awareness of the studies being conducted to address the issues
  • Understand the CAPEX and OPEX trade-off
  • Ideas for potential future solutions that will address the cable problems in growing markets


Martyn Campbell at Jee Ltd

Martyn is a chartered mechanical engineer with 8 years’ experience in the oil, gas and renewables industry. Martyn has significant experience in cable span monitoring, cable protection and cable analysis and has an in-depth knowledge of time-dependent degradation mechanisms, threat analysis and risk assessments.

Martyn worked on the recent Scottish Enterprise project, developing an innovative solution to the challenge of installing, securing and retrieving subsea cables for tidal energy projects. He has also worked on and managed numerous wind farm cable span monitoring projects, assessing the fatigue of offshore wind farm cables by the real-time monitoring of cable motion using accelerometers.

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