The consequences of ineffective subsea pipeline integrity management can be significant.  In an industry where subsea assets are maturing and reaching the end of their design lives, good integrity management has never been more important. This webinar discusses the lessons learned and best practices in achieving effective subsea pipeline integrity management.

Gain an insight into the foundations of subsea pipeline integrity established during the design phase, and learn how to develop the key processes and systems that will ensure safe, reliable operation.  Review the primary risks threatening subsea pipeline integrity today and the management and mitigation measures that can be employed to reduce these to ALARP.

Hear lessons on how to safely maximise the profitability of mature assets through robust life extension processes and how integrity is continued into the next phase – decommissioning.

This webinar provides a great opportunity for anyone working within the oil and gas industry to hear from an industry leading expert with over 20 years of experience in the field of subsea pipeline integrity management.


Grant Adams, Head of Integrity Management at Jee Ltd

Grant is an experienced chartered engineer who has been working in the oil and gas industry since 1994. He is the head of Jee’s integrity management discipline and has an in-depth knowledge of the field and its associated areas, including internal and external inspection. Working closely with a number of major operators, Grant provides technical support and pipeline technical authority services, advising on all apsects of design, construction, integrity, repair and the operation of pipeline systems.

Grant has completed a number of integrity management related projects, including creating riser inspection strategies, inspection tool and stuck pig contingency plans, corrosion management strategies and pipeline lifetime extension studies.

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