World-renowned for engineering and training in the offshore sector, Aberdeen/Tonbridge-based Jee Ltd, the UK’s longest-established independent subsea engineering consultancy, has become an employee-owned company.

In February 2021, founder and executive chairman, Trevor Jee, set up an Employee Ownership Trust (Jee Group EOT Ltd) to benefit employees, joining many hundreds of similarly minded UK firms, including retail giants John Lewis and Richer Sounds.

Trevor Jee said, “Since founding Jee Ltd more than 30 years ago, looking after our team has always been central to our success. It has been a great journey, the team has the talent, drive and skills to take the company forward into its next chapter, so I decided that now was the right time to move to this new model which recognises and rewards the contribution that all our employees make.

“In practical terms, the business is continuing as before, and our culture and values live on, a key factor for the team. As usual, we are all engrossed in subsea engineering and training, and are feeling bullish about the future, particularly as we work on the extra challenges energy transition is bringing, and our own ambitions to get to net zero.”

Courses Operations Manager Charlie Guy commented, “When Trevor announced at a company meeting that he was going to give the company to the staff the next day, it was a complete surprise to everyone.  Once we got over the shock and figured out what an EOT is, everyone I know feels it is a positive change. Pretty much nothing has changed except we can look forward to an extra dividend in the medium term, and there is a warm feeling that the staff actually own the company and have a say in its future.”

Grant Adam, Jee Ltd’s Head of Energy Transition, said, “The move to an EOT fits perfectly with our strong team culture, values and emphasis on the quality of our people. It provides us with a secure platform to support the growth of Jee moving forward on our energy transition journey and helps us maintain our position as a business which attracts and retains the industry’s best talent.

“This is particularly evident at present from the strong response the company has received when going out to hire executive and non-executive directors with a change-management and renewables background, so we will be back in touch shortly with an update on that!”

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