BP engaged our services to provide support and assurance for the overhaul of an emergency shutdown valve.

We have been providing BP with global operations and project support for over ten years. Because of this long-term relationship, we have an in-depth understanding of BP’s specific technical requirements, and we are able to provide the most innovative and relevant solutions possible.

The Project Scope

In order to overhaul the emergency shutdown valve (ESDV) the proposal was to pig a remote isolation tool downstream of the ESDV. The pig would be set in this position to provide a safe isolation barrier to allow repair or replacement of the ESDV.

The pipeline is operated by BP, but a third party operates the platform where the ESDV is located. This third-party operator was therefore responsible for the execution of the work. BP, however, took an assurance role in the project with our support as an independent advisor.

Remote Isolation Tool

When the system set-up does not allow for the required level of isolation it is possible to deploy isolation plugs into the pipeline. This is an attractive alternative to the potentially costly option of depressurising the system. However, using isolation plugs comes with a level of risk that needs to be minimised.

Our Role

Jee has knowledge gained from decades of experience with subsea projects. Drawing on this knowledge we provided the client with technical assurance of the remote isolation tool selected, and the replacement ESDV.

Our support focussed on minimising risk by thoroughly reviewing the isolation tool design, proposed operation, and impact on the pipeline.

Our specific support functions included:

  • Assuring the selected isolation tool and replacement ESDV against technical standards set by BP and ourselves.
  • Took over the assurance role of BP, working with the third-party operator to deal with and close-out assurance queries.
  • Reviewing all project documentation and recording of verification notes
  • Collaboration and technical support for the development of bespoke testing requirements for the isolation tool
  • Overseeing ESDV factory acceptance testing
  • Providing a report documenting all assurance work completed
  • Supported the client with implementing change management processes
  • Undertaking project administration functions including chairing of risk assessments and progress meetings and maintaining an action tracker for the project.


Our robust technical assurance process has been shaped from years of experience and lessons learned from projects across multiple operators, vendors, and regions.

With our developed best practice pigging assurance check sheets we are able to assess pig designs, operations, procedures and risk assessments in all areas to ensure risks are identified and managed effectively.

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