The scope

BP asked us for support with the assurance of an emergency shutdown valve (ESDV) overhaul.

The project proposed to pig a remote isolation tool downstream of the ESDV, where it would be set with the aim of providing a safe isolation barrier to allow repair or replacement. BP operate the pipeline but a third party operates the platform where the ESDV is located, who were responsible for the execution of the work. BP took an assurance role in the project with our support as an independent advisor.

We have been providing BP with global operations and project support for over ten years. As a result of this long-term relationship, we have an in-depth understanding of BP’s specific technical requirements, enabling us to provide the most innovative and relevant solutions possible.

The solution

Supported by decades of knowledge of subsea projects, we provided BP with technical assurance of the remote isolation tool and new ESDV. We:

  • Assured the isolation tool and ESDV against BP and our standards
  • Acted on behalf of BP and liaised with the third party operator to discuss and close out assurance queries
  • Reviewed all project documentation and recorded in verification notes
  • Assisted in the development of bespoke testing requirements for the isolation tool and provide technical support
  • Witnessed ESDV factory acceptance testing (FAT)
  • Produced a report summarising the assurance work completed
  • Supported BP with the management of change process
  • Chaired BP risk assessments and progress meetings, and maintained an action tracker.

Remote isolation tool

When the system set-up does not allow for the required level of isolation, isolation plugs can be deployed into the pipeline, rather than the potentially costly option of depressurising the system. However, using isolation plugs comes with a level of risk that needs to be minimised. We were able to offer support to BP focussing on minimising risk by thoroughly reviewing the isolation tool design, operation and impact on the pipeline.

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