Ongoing support

Jee has been providing ad hoc global operations and project support to BP for the last 10 years, in locations including Aberdeen, Grangemouth, London, Angola, Norway and Trinidad.

In 2003, Jee was awarded our fi rst call-off contract by BP and our experienced engineers have provided continuous support to the BP pipelines team ever since. Our team has assisted with a wide range of scopes including corrosion management, span monitoring, pigging and ILI management, fi shing interaction studies, gap analysis, third party verifi cation and decommissioning.

As part of the contract, we provide regular advice on technical queries to the BP team, as well as providing technical support to BP’s North Sea pipelines team for the UKCS. A recent project we have supported BP on, is the North West Hutton decommissioning project. The project included client representation during the decommissioning, as well as facilitating the close-out and handover process following the project.

The benefits

As a result of our long-term relationship with BP our team have gained an in-depth understanding of their technical requirements, enabling us to provide the most innovative and relevant solutions possible. With an abundance of integrity management experience and knowledge, our team are uniquely positioned to provide impartial, expert advice to cover any issues that may arise.

BP benefit from our:

  • In-depth understanding of their systems, processes, assets and their associated history and data
  • Independent, impartial advice
  • Extensive knowledge of industry standards and codes allowing us to ensure that operations are compliant with current legislation and their own group practice
  • Tailored data management system 
  • Accumulated asset information enabling rapid response

As a result, Jee have been awarded a three-year contract renewal from BP with a potential value in the region of £4.5 million.

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