Dynamic riser analysis - Oil and Gas

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Available dates:
12-14 July 2022


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About the course

This course provides learners with the key components, loads and interfaces affecting dynamic riser response and how these are simulated within the analysis. In addition to riser configurations and components and their analytical modelling, this course also presents the dynamic loads on risers from vessel motions, waves and vortex shedding and the analytical methods for their assessment. The critical failure modes for rigid and flexible dynamic risers are presented in this course, while also covering analytical methods for prediction of failure. This course also details industry software packages for undertaking dynamic analyses and a detailed break-down of setting up and running a dynamic analysis using a leading industry package, OrcaFlex.

Explaining the interfaces between the riser, the vessel and seabed and their influences on dynamic response, this course is suitable for engineers wishing to undertake or commission analysis of rigid or flexible dynamic risers.

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Available dates

12-14 July 2022


3 days (21 study hours)


Virtual classroom




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Learning outcomes

  • Describe dynamic riser configurations and components and how they are modelled in dynamic analysis
  • Explain the dynamic loads acting on a riser and how these loads are generated and assessed
  • Predict dynamic responses of risers
  • Describe the critical failure modes for both flexible and rigid risers and how onset of failure is predicted
  • Apply the main industry design codes and practices relevant to dynamic riser analysis
  • Identify the main industry software packages available for dynamic riser analysis

Course structure

Day by day content

Day one

Dynamic riser types and uses

  • Production vessels
  • Top-tensioned risers
  • Flexible risers
  • Steel catenary risers
  • Hybrid risers
  • Drilling risers

Introduction to FPSOs

  • Overview of FPSOs
  • Types of FPSO
  • Mooring and turret arrangements


Riser interfaces and components

  • Overview of riser to vessel interfaces
  • Top-tensioned riser components
  • Flexible riser components
  • Steel catenary riser components
  • Hybrid riser components
  • Drilling riser components


Day two

Global bending and dynamic analysis

  • Analysis steps
  • Software
  • Catenaries
  • Pipe stresses
  • Worked example
  • Vessel motions and dynamic loads
  • Load cases
  • Fatigue assessment

FPSO vessel motions

  • Components of motion
  • Types of vessel motion
  • Wave frequency motion
  • Drift and higher order motion
  • Defining motion with RAOs


Waves and currents

  • Metocean data
  • Tides
  • Wind
  • Currents
  • Waves
  • Theories & spectra
  • Hydrodynamic loadings


Soil-riser interactions

  • Soils and soil types
  • Survey methods
  • Deriving soil properties
  • Riser behaviour
  • Scour, settlement, and embedment

Day three

Vortex-induced vibrations

  • Sections of risers at risk
  • Modelling VIV
  • General design approach
  • Riser dynamics and natural frequency
  • Orcaflex approach
  • Tank trials comparisons


Fatigue and fracture mechanics

  • Fatigue loadings
  • Riser fatigue assessment
  • S-N curves and SCF stress concentration
  • Rainflow counting
  • Flexible and umbilical fatigue mechanisms
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Improving fatigue life


Design basis and riser analysis

  • Design codes and considerations
  • Typical development of design
  • Input verification
  • Modelling of non-linearities
  • Design of connectors
  • Basis of design
  • Prepare input data
  • Modelling process
  • Output data analysis

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Excellent! A must do to understand risers, pipelines and flowlines

Lionel Richard, 2H Offshore Engineering Ltd

Well organised, well taught and clear

Enrajda Caralli, Saipem

Dynamic riser analysis - Oil and Gas

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