The scope

We were asked to assist in the technical evaluation, comparison and risk assessment of three vendor submissions for inter array cable repair procedures.

The solution

We reviewed and provided technical comment on procedures from each vendor. Procedures included:

  • Inter array cable recovery
  • Cable repair methods
  • Cable pull-in methodology
  • Burial equipment
  • Burial methodology
  • Cable protection system removal and replacement
  • Concrete mattress removal and replacement
  • Equipment and vessel selection and availability
  • Vendor assessment of geophysical and geotechnical conditions

Our team also completed a risk assessment of the three sets of procedures to identify the technical competence of each vendor with regard to the following categories of risk:

  • Technical solution for each procedure
  • Cable damage
  • Equipment availability
  • Spares requirements
  • Environmental (including marine conditions and seabed conditions)
  • Retrieval / reburial methodology

We also provided expert advice and recommendations regarding:

  • Development of a general framework for future risk assessment of repair procedures
  • Most commonly occurring incidents with cable repairs
  • Review and assessment of the strategy for existing repairs

The benefits

From our various assessments, we were able to recommend the best vendor using a risk based approach.

We were able to identify technical strengths and omissions in each of the vendors’ procedures and thereby identify risks and mitigations. We also provided a comprehensive summary, tailored to our client’s assets, of the typical issues and solutions that can occur during inter array cable repair operations.

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