In-company training

bespoke training programmes


Jee offers bespoke training programmes designed for your organisation's specific needs.

Our in-company training offers the benefit of customised content, with the flexibility to be conducted at a time and location to suit your operational requirements, and at a price to suit your budget.

Our tailored learning and development products will improve performance and grow your business capabilities by developing the skills of your employees with relevant and actionable learning.

The process we follow


We actively engage with you to outline your key challenges and to identify knowledge and skill gaps and define objectives for success


Our experts will work with you to determine the optimum structure and format, based

on learning outcomes that promote application beyond the training environment.


Our content team will construct a learning support plan, with tailored content, language and terminology that is relevant and applicable.


Your programme will feature an induction, facilitated classroom sessions (delivered virtually or on-site), case studies and interactive activities that encourage participants to apply their technical knowledge and drive improvements.


Our in-company team are here to support you with regular reviews at every stage of the programme to ensure that your performance improvement is tangible, observable and measurable.


Tailored and Customised

Our content is tailored to your business needs and our learning programmes are designed to improve competency and performance in the areas you require.

Expert Tutors

Our courses are led by highly skilled and experienced engineers. We combine the relevant theory with a focus on practical application, real world examples, and industry best practices.


As practising engineers we ensure that our content is relevant and up-to-date with the latest industry codes and standards.



  • Training tailored to your business needs
  • Quantifiable improvement in competency and performance of your employees
  • A cost-effective solution to your training requirements
  • Training delivered at a time and place to suit your operational requirements
  • Efficient delivery of content for effective use of valuable time

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The instructor is very knowledgeable and speaks very clear making him very easy to understand  

- Tengku Dhalan, Facility Engineer, Chevron

Jee course work is on point, refreshing and well packaged  

- Kolawole Owolabi, Project Engineer, Chevron Nigeria

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