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Licensed access to industry leading subsea engineering content

We know today's engineers need access to knowledge on-demand, and on the go. Our service is an online platform that enables subsea engineers to access the knowledge they need anytime, anywhere.

From over 25 years’ educating the industry, we have built a subsea engineering knowledge bank of over 200 topics spanning the whole life-of-field, so you can pick and choose the content relevant to you and your team. Featuring SME tutorials and videos, our enhanced reference library (ERL) is the ultimate on-demand solution for individuals, teams or entire organisations who need to fill knowledge gaps quickly and stay ahead of the learning curve.

More dependable and effective than searching online, Jee’s up-to-date enhanced reference library allows you to increase your knowledge on specific topics and gives you a ‘go-to’ for technical project queries.

Flexible packages

Main features

  • Unlimited access: Choose from our extensive library of over 200 modules and get unlimited access
  • Consistent global reference: Provide consistent information for global teams
  • Learn from the experts: Content developed by practising chartered engineers. Complete, technically vetted and quality assured material
  • Expert tutors: Tutorials from industry experts who are passionate about subsea engineering
  • Engaging content: Videos and SME tutorials explaining complex topics
  • Searchable: Fully searchable database so you can find information on specific topics quickly and easily
  • Learning theory: Content structured to aid knowledge retention and retrieval


“This course was fantastic for providing a solid foundation and context for each function of a Subsea Control System. The pace of the course was ideal and there were plenty of opportunities to interact and ask questions throughout”

Andrew Plenderleith

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