Saskia Kunst has been appointed as a non-executive director at Jee. She has worked with multinational throughout Asia and Europe for more than 25 years, gaining extensive global executive experience providing B2B support in the fields of corporate strategy and energy transition, helping companies to rebalance their portfolios.

Saskia will have a focus on renewables as part of Jee’s journey to net zero. Having made the transition in her career from oil and gas projects to renewable energy in the offshore space, her extensive experience will assist us to develop strategies to play a successful role as part of the offshore renewables market.

Jee is committed to reducing emissions, working increasingly on renewable offshore projects, as well as reducing the carbon footprint of our own organisation. Design, integrity management and lifetime extensions for ocean-based energy systems – both bottom fixed and floating- as well as configuration and reliability of array cables are all areas in which tailored engineering services will be supplied. The skills and experience of the Jee team are transferable and valuable to this new market.

Saskia sees this as the great value Jee can offer to clients. We have been providing subsea engineering services and training for over 30 years. We are accustomed to tackling challenging projects with high stakes in terms of capex, opex and safety. We have already established a track record for offshore renewables having completed more than three dozen projects so far. Saskia will help us build on this track record to further our success and transfer our reputation for client-focus, clever minds, and cost optimising solutions in the renewable energy space. 

In addition to her role at Jee, Saskia is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Energy Transition fund in Rotterdam. This will enable her to bring us along with the latest developments and novel technologies for clean power generation, emission reductions and the circular economy – keeping Jee at the forefront of the renewables sector.

We look forward to working with Saskia to increase our visibility in the renewable energy space and further articulate how we can assist our customers on their journey towards net zero.

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