Scottish Tidal Project moves one step closer with the completion of the tidal cable management and protection structure.

Harnessing the power of tidal in rough seas boasts many challenges. Jee’s cable protection and recovery solutions are helping Scotland commercialise marine energy by ensuring cables are well protected and maintainable, using Jee’s own concept, the U-Tube.

Tidal turbines are placed in high energy tidal areas, which have the potential to cause a great deal of stress on the cables. Jee’s U-Tube system is designed to meet the cable installation, protection and retrieval requirements of tidal projects.

Jee’s extensive experience in subsea cabling and protection means projects like this can continue to be a viable solution. Providing a low cost, pre-installed foundation and cable network system deployable on any seabed terrain, the system allows for any tidal turbine to be mounted. The ultimate benefit being the increase in system reliability leading to significantly lower through-life costs and lower upfront insurance premiums.

The U-tube demonstration trial will take place offshore in Orkney and will be the largest structure to ever be deployed in a high energy tidal environment which utilises a low cost installation vessel arrangement, comprising of a gantry barge, two multicats and one tug. 

The U-tube concept is the first in the Jee family of tidal turbine foundation designs. Its specification is as follows:

  • 30m+ of water depth
  • 2.4m/s of current, combined with wave induced current at -30m LAT
  • Sea states of 10m Hs
  • Seabed undulations of +/- 1.5m
  • Single lift / lowering operation for the installation
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