Subsea project delivery - Oil and Gas

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Available dates:
19-22 July 2022


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About the course

This course provides an overview of a project’s lifecycle, with emphasis project delivery. Course learners will learn the various stages of a project lifecycle and project management processes including, cost and planning, quality assurance, health and safety assurance, risk management and procurement.

This course is essential knowledge for those wishing to become involved in the project development lifecycle and understand how to successfully deliver subsea projects.

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Available dates

19-22 July 2022


4 days (28 study hours)


Virtual classroom




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Learning outcomes

  • Describe the process of subsea project delivery
  • Define and explain all the phases of a project lifecycle
  • Define the pre-Front End Loading phase of a project lifecycle and explain the tasks involved in it
  • Define Front End Loading phase of a project lifecycle and explain the three stages– visualization, conceptualization and definition
  • Explain the need for quality assurance and health and safety assurance in a project
  • Describe how risk is identified and managed successfully in a project

Course structure

Day by day content

Day one

Introduction to Subsea project delivery

  • Project and project lifecycle


Introduction to pre-FEL and FEL

  • Pre-Front End Loading
  • Front End Loading (FEL)
  • The FEL process
  • Industry examples


FEL stages – visualization and conceptualisation

  • Visualization stage
  • Conceptualization stage
  • Definition stage

Day two

Project organisation and documents

  • Major project documents
  • Codes and standards
  • Project team organisation


Execution phase of project lifecycle

  • Project management processes
  • Project planning
  • Cost management and estimating
  • Cost estimating exercise
  • Management of information
  • Management of change

Day three

Procurement and contracting

  • Procurement and contracting strategy
  • Types of contracts
  • Procurement


Risk management

  • Risk management
  • Risk register
  • Group exercise: risk register


Logistics and supply chain management

  • Supply chain
  • Logistics


Value Improving Practices (VIP)

  • Types of VIP
  • Value engineering

Day four

Project economics and evaluation methods

  • Project economics
  • Pre and post approval activities
  • Economic evaluation methods
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Monte Carlo simulation


Case studies

  • Economic evaluation case study
  • Monte Carlo case study

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Subsea project delivery - Oil and Gas

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