Stephen has been appointed our Director of Training. Holding a PhD in Neuroscience, Stephen contributes not only an incredibly valuable skill set in the training environment, but also a diversity of thought which we value at Jee.

Prior to joining Jee, Stephen built scalable and successful commercial models to drive growth across Private Equity-backed EdTech companies such as Avado and Google Squared and some of the UK’s leading membership organisations.

Stephen was attracted by Jee’s focus on helping its clients transition into renewable energy and the growth opportunities in this area. With a global reputation for high-quality engaging training and strong brand provenance, Jee is a trusted partner for companies wanting to ensure their teams have the right skills for the job. This, coupled with the increasing demand for skilled subsea professionals as we move to more sustainable energy production, positions Jee at the forefront of driving progress in the field. As director of training, Stephen will play a vital role in ensuring this is the case. He is responsible for the design and development of Jee’s training portfolio and the delivery of high-quality learning experiences.

The challenge is to ensure we provide our clients with the skills they need as we shift towards green energy and finally net zero. Rapid advances in subsea activity mean our clients are having to quickly adapt their L&D offering and look to Jee to support them in rapidly developing the competencies of their subsea teams.

There is a sea of opportunities for the subsea sector. Oil & gas remains the largest market, but offshore renewables are growing rapidly and are a key focus of our future planning. The immediate, and often overlooked, challenge relating to diversification is the shortage of skills that is being compounded by the drive to develop offshore renewable energy.

The focus for our training division under Stephen is to respond to the needs and requests of our clients and, in collaboration with them, to develop an inspiring purpose-built learning environment which offers delegates an opportunity to continue their learning in an accessible and flexible way.

Alongside suites of digital materials for our courses, we aim to create a platform that will deliver a regular stream of bite-sized learning content in a variety of engaging formats including blog posts, videos, and podcasts. We are also exploring a self-assessment tool where our delegates can identify their strengths and competency gaps and tailor their learning to their own needs and interests.

Our core goal remains to deliver high-quality engaging training that empowers subsea engineers to deliver on the real business challenges they face in a changing market. This ensures that Jee achieves learning outcomes and business impact for our clients and learners.

Stephen’s advice for subsea engineers is to take advantage of training opportunities offered to them. Aside from giving them the skills they need; they can often be great networking opportunities which may also pay off in the future.

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