Steel riser and spool design - Oil and Gas

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About the course

This course will give learners an understanding of the key aspects of steel riser and spoolpiece design. Starting with an introduction to the types of riser and spool commonly used, the course will explain the key design considerations for fixed rigid risers, top-tensioned risers and steel catenary risers.

With steel risers being used in both shallow and deep water applications, the method of installation and connection can influence the design. Installation and tie-in methods are also discussed in detail here. The final day of the course will present the time dependent failure mechanisms, such as fatigue and corrosion and how to design to protect against them, before finishing with a summary of the integrity management of steel spools and risers so that the designer can understand how to design with integrity in mind.

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3 days (21 study hours)


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Learning outcomes

  • Describe and evaluate various types of riser and spool
  • Describe the types of loads experienced by risers and spools
  • Explain the design process and key considerations for steel spool and riser design
  • Design to avoid the key failure mechanisms and ensure integrity for the full design life
  • Describe the different installation and tie-in methods

Course structure

Day by day content

Day one

Steel riser design

  • Riser types
  • Diameter and wall thickness selection
  • Coating selection
  • Static loading
  • Dynamic loading


Fixed rigid riser design

  • Types of fixed rigid riser
  • Design requirements
  • Installation methods


Production top-tensioned risers

  • Components
  • Design requirements and analysis
  • Installation

Day two

Steel catenary risers

  • Components
  • Design requirements and analysis
  • Installation



  • Requirements
  • Types and configurations
  • Calculation methods
  • Metrology and construction

Day three

Connection methods

  • Flanged connections
  • Hyperbaric welding
  • Diverless connections


Time dependent failure

  • Riser fatigue assessment
  • Improving fatigue life
  • Corrosion


Steel riser integrity management

  • Monitoring
  • Inspection
  • Damage assessment
  • Repair

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Good pipeline course for anyone involved in offshore projects


It was a very interested training and good opportunity to enlarge my subsea knowledge

Vieira Mardoso, Total

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Steel riser and spool design - Oil and Gas

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