Overview of decommissioning regulations and planning

Subsea appreciation

Subsea pipelines

Subsea power cables


Construction of subsea pipelines

Decommissioning programme development and execution

Design of subsea pipelines

Further design of subsea pipelines

Integrity management of flexibles and risers

Integrity management of subsea pipelines

Integrity management: lessons learned

Offshore remedial works

Planning and executing subsea intervention

Steel riser and spool design

Subsea controls

Subsea project delivery

Subsea systems and hardware


Corrosion defect assessment

Dynamic riser analysis

Freespan assessment and remediation

Installation analysis of subsea structures and sea-fastenings

Installation calculations for subsea pipelines

Lifetime extension of rigid pipelines and flexibles

On-bottom stability

Pigging and plugging

Reeling calculations

Value engineering for design optimisation