We have been supporting a construction contractor on project work for over a decade. In 2013, our client began preparing a tender for the design of a 24” pipeline for a major operator.

As part of this tender, our client commissioned our team to conceptually design a pipeline end manifold (PLEM), to tie-in three 12” pipelines to the main 24” pipeline.

Scope of work

Our scope of work included:

  • PLEM configuration optimum evaluation
  • Member sizing of structural components of the PLEM to AISC codes
  • Building a finite element model of the PLEM in FS2000, to perform a static on-bottom and installation analysis
  • Mudmat design using local geological conditions, to ensure the PLEM was stable and would not subside once on the seabed
  • Producing CAD drawings of the PLEM concept for the client to use in their tender

The benefits

The full scope of work required expertise from a range of disciplines. Our engineering capabilities span the whole life-of-field, enabling us to cater to all of our client’s requirements.

The conceptual design was needed on a tight timescale, to in turn meet the needs of their client. Our agility allows us to provide a reactive service, quickly drawing on our pool of engineers to provide a fast turnaround, whilst ensuring consistently high -quality, technical standards.

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