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Mike Hawkins

Mike Hawkins BTech (Hons), CEng, FIMechE

Mike has over 30 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry and is Jee’s Technical Director. He has particular expertise in design, pipeline buckling, third party verification, freespan and FE analysis and fatigue assessment. Mike teaches the Construction of subsea pipelines and Installation calculations of subsea pipelines course.
Grant Adam

Grant Adam BSc, PgDip, CEng, CMarEng, MIMarEST

Grant has over 20 years’ experience and after working as the Head of Integrity Management, is now Jee’s Head of Sales & Marketing. He has worked closely with major operators on a number of projects and has provided on going integrity support to the largest pipeline network in the North Sea. Grant teaches our Subsea systems and hardware course and also our Integrity management: lessons learned course.
Graham Wilson

Graham Wilson MEng (Hons), CEng, MIMechE

Graham is Jee’s Head of Integrity Management and a chartered mechanical engineer with over 15 years’ industry experience. He has particular expertise in integrity management, design, fishing interaction studies and verification. Graham teaches Integrity management courses, Corrosion defect assessment and Decommissioning programme development and execution.
John French - Colour left

John French MEng, CEng, MIMechE

John has been working in the oil and gas industry since 2002 and is responsible for overseeing all design projects, from pre-FEED studies through to detailed design engineering. John’s current focus is on developing low-cost solutions to reduce installation and development costs for marginal fields.
Martin East extra white

Martin East CEng, MIMechE, NRA

As a chartered mechanical engineer, since 1988, Martin has been working in finite element analysis and has extensive experience of the Abaqus non-linear FEA software. He joined Jee in 1996 and his responsibilities included consultancy projects and analysis. As one of our most knowledgeable tutors he has presented many of Jee’s training courses.
Phil Goby

Phil Goby BEng (Hons), CEng, MIMechE

Phil is a chartered mechanical engineer with over 35 years of oil and gas experience with a major operator, BP. He has particular experience in onshore and offshore pipeline operations, projects handover, integrity management and subsea asset acquisition/divestment.
Dem Demetriou

Dem Demetriou BEng(Hons), MSc, DIC, CEng, FIMarEst, MBA, FCMI

Dem is a specialist in project management, facilities engineering, materials engineering and general management and strategy. He has over 20 years’ experience and expertise, in FEED, detailed and conceptual design, procurement, topsides and construction. Dem teaches the Design and Further design of subsea pipelines, Subsea project delivery and Value engineering for design optimisation.
Bob Summers extra white

Bob Summers

Bob has over 18 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry and specialises in control systems and training. He has substantial experience of developing training courses and is a consultant to the European Economic and Social Committee for standardising vocational skills. Bob teaches the Subsea controls course. Professional Affiliate: IMechE, ICPD
Nigel Wright extra white

Nigel Wright BSc, MSc, HND, CEng, Eur Ing, MIGEM

Nigel has 30 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry acting as competent person for the integrity of high pressure onshore and subsea pipelines with knowledge of subsea pipeline inspection and repair methods. Also involved in technical design audits of new pipelines. Nigel teaches our Subsea pipelines and Pigging and plugging courses.
Tim Clark extra white

Tim Clark BTech (Hons), CEng, MIMechE

Tim has over 35 years' oil industry experience with 25 years dedicated to subsea projects working for major operators BP and Shell with responsibility for front-end engineering, detailed design, construction, commissioning and operation of both shallow and deepwater subsea field development. Tim is a chartered mechanical engineer with expertise in subsea production systems and subsea field development.
Russell Thornton

Russell Thornton MSc, MInst, MDT

Russell has spent over 30 years’ in the oil and gas industry and has extensive expertise in hardware design and subsea controls. He has acted as a mentor for staff on a wide range of projects and has extensive knowledge of project, system and design roles. Russell teaches the Subsea systems and hardware.
Eckhard Bruckschen

Eckhard Bruckschen MM (Class 1), MBA, CNaut, DP Class II

Eckhard has onshore experience including project construction and installation management, equipment development, capital budget management, system support and engineering, as well as bid management and sales. He has also installed and managed over 40,000 km of submarine fibre optic cables and 2,500 km of submarine power cables worldwide.
Matt Healey

Matt Healey, Director, Pace Flow Assurance

Matthew Healey has been at the forefront of CO2 flow assurance for ten years. He wrote the industry-standard methodology for true multicomponent flow assurance modelling of CO2 with impurities. He is an industry leader in thermodynamic modelling of CCUS fluids, CCUS flow assurance, and operation of CO2 transport pipeline networks.
Alan Smith

Alan Smith BSc (Hons), PhD, CEng, FIMechE

Alan has over 20 years’ experience in the industry and specialist expertise in integrity management including; fatigue, corrosion, fitness for purpose and defect assessment. Alan also has experience in structural analysis, lifetime extension and design. Alan teaches the Integrity management of subsea pipelines course.
Alan Knowles extra white

Alan Knowles Eur Ing, MICE, AMICE

Alan has over 30 years’ experience in industry and has particular expertise in the installation and design of onshore and offshore pipelines, flowlines and landfalls and is an expert in finite element analysis. He teaches the Design and Further design of subsea pipelines, Construction and Installation calculations for subsea pipelines and Reel-lay engineering.
Andy Stevenson

Andy Stevenson MEng (Hons), CEng, FIMechE

Andy is a Chartered mechanical engineer with over 15 years’ experience in the offshore oil & gas and renewables sectors. His expertise is in the design of bespoke deck equipment and subsea tools including pipelay, cable lay and associated trenching systems. Andy teaches the Construction of Subsea Pipelines course.
Troy Brown

Troy Brown B.Geo.E (Hons), B.A

Troy’s experience in the German energy transition is also reflected in his own transition from the oil/gas industry after working for drilling and pipeline contractors to managing subsea power cable projects for offshore wind developers and a German transmission system operator. His experience includes taking projects from the conceptual to execution and commissioning phases.

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