The problem

Our client was planning on developing several marginal fields in the Dutch sector of the North Sea, expected to produce for approximately 5 years. Following on from Jee’s previous CAPEX and OPEX study for the new field development, Jee was asked to carry out a further flow assurance study.

The purpose of the flow assurance study was to assess different routing options, review operating pressures and temperatures, and to identify potential flow assurance risks such as erosion, liquid hold-up, flow regime, sand transportation and hydrate formation.

The solution

Jee used the industry approved Maximus software to carry out the flow assurance studies, looking at the effects of different production profiles and compositions, identifying the expected back-pressures and flow regime.

Jee carried out a review of flow assurance threats to identify which of the flow-related issues could pose problems, and subsequently how they could be mitigated. In particular, hydrate formation was identified as a potential threat, which showed some of the proposed options to be sub-optimal.

From these studies, Jee was able to advise on the preferred flowline routing options and to identify requirements for methanol injection and whether pigging would be required, including the development of a high level pigging strategy.

Jee has significant experience in using Maximus for carrying out steady-state hydraulic analysis for pipelines, particularly for planning new field developments.

The benefits

The experience of Jee’s integrated design team in carrying out flow assurance studies and pipeline routing was instrumental in providing our client with a high-value study that identified the key issues to be addressed as the project progresses through the design stages.

A key outcome was that Jee concluded that operational pigging was not required. This enables the use of subsea trees, potentially saving several million dollars on the field development costs.

Jee also has significant operational support experience, particularly in pigging where Jee advises and is responsible for managing campaigns for many operators around the world. This experience gives Jee the appreciation required of practical operational issues that can be mitigated by early consideration during design.

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