We are pleased to unveil our 2016 course schedule and training and development brochure offering new cost-effective, flexible training programmes for the global oil and gas and offshore wind industry.

Covering the whole life-of-field, our portfolio of 27 courses is designed to help subsea engineers build on their existing competencies and meet the standards demanded of them at every stage of their career.

With a reputation for excellence, we have been training the global oil and gas industry for more than 20 years, working with over 7000 delegates in 37 countries. With a clear understanding of the necessity for a flexible approach to learning, our methodologies are at the forefront for both the new generation of engineers and experienced professionals.

Head of Courses, Jenny Mathew said: “At Jee we understand that in the current climate budgets are being cut, particularly in areas such as training. Cost reduction and efficiencies are key to ensure investment in subsea training continues to be a feasible option for our customers.”

The 2016 schedule offers a variety of online or face-to-face deliveries, at a Jee course hub (Aberdeen and Houston) or in-house at client offices. New options are also available to enhance courses, allowing delegates to create their own unique learning experience.

“Our new training outlook provides cost-effective, flexible training solutions that can be tailored to any organisation’s requirements and budget. Delegates have the option to choose a standard ‘off the shelf’ course, customise part of a course, or develop a completely bespoke programme to meet specific requirements.

“Using the latest learning theory and offering a range of options, often referred to as blended learning, helps to ensure knowledge is effectively retained and produces real business value when applied to the work of an individual and organisation.” concluded Ms Matthew.

Our training team develop courses in collaboration with tutors, all practising engineers with a wealth of expertise in their field, and incorporate lessons learned from their engineering division to ensure up-to-date content in line with the latest industry codes, standards and best practice.

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