The scope

We are pleased to have been supporting our client, a major operator, for over nine years. Providing them with continuous integrity management support and ad hoc technical advice, our high quality service has led to our client renewing the contract to cover the following five years.


Our client’s integrity support contract was coming to an end, and they were looking to change contractors to reduce their costs and increase efficiency. Following a competitive tender process our client found we offered a superior level of service at a lower cost as a result of our leaner, more experienced approach.

The transition

We understand that changing suppliers can be a complex and expensive task. We helped our client with the smooth transition between contractors by supplying them with clear definitions of the data and information we required from their previous supplier. Further support was given with members of our team visiting their offices to help facilitate the transfer.

As part of the contract our team provide expert technical advice for a range of integrity related projects and tasks in relation to our client’s subsea pipelines and structures. The scope includes:

  • Inspection and maintenance routines (IMRs)
  • Project management services
  • Risk based inspection programmes  
  • Pipeline anomaly criteria specification
  • Pipeline integrity management systems (PIMS)
  • Technical integrity assessment (TIA)

We have also managed ILI and pigging campaigns and third party design verification. In addition, we provide technical authority services for our client’s Southern North Sea assets and interface with the Health and Safety Executive on their behalf.

The benefits

With direct access to and experience in our client’s systems, we can act as an extension of their in-house team and also assist on an ad hoc basis.
We ensure that no unnecessary tasks are carried out and all resources are utilised effectively, reducing waste and increasing cost efficiency.

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