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Jee Star Logo Effective integrity management of subsea pipelines during asset transition

Effective integrity management of subsea pipelines during asset transition

Over the long history of the North Sea many assets have changed ownership and/or operatorship. This brings with it a host of challenges, from effective continuity of data management, different approaches to integrity management and potentially interrupted operation. Pipelines that were designed for one application may now be required to adapt to a new operation philosophy post-transition and in some cases extend its design life. This brings with it an increased risk to continued production, safety and integrity management, and the need to maintain and update relevant documentation such as the PWAs. There are similar concerns with the domino effect – a problem developing due to the ageing North Sea whereby other assets, particularly pipelines are affected by decommissioned platforms and consequently the loss of the export route. This can be challenging to manage cost-effectively, and while minimising downtime.

This webinar will address the concept of asset transition and give an overview of the mergers and acquisitions that have recently taken place, and the potential impact of this on operating pipelines. It will also address the challenges from the domino effect, from re-routing and tie-ins to minimise the cost of re-establishing the export route, and outline recommendations for effective management of risk, integrity and cost to reduce the impact and liabilities this is likely to bring.

This webinar will be particularly beneficial to anyone working in asset management, pipeline integrity management or decommissioning activities. Register at the link below to join us.

Learning objectives

  • Understand what is meant by asset transition
  • Become aware of recent mergers and acquisitions
  • Understand the implications of asset transition with regards to pipeline integrity
  • Understand the impact of platform decommissioning to subsea pipelines, including tie-ins and re-routing
  • Learn about case studies from Jee's project experience


Grant Adam at Jee Ltd

With over 20 years’ experience, Grant has an in-depth knowledge of integrity management and its associated areas. Working closely with a number of major operators, Grant provides technical support and pipeline technical authority services, advising on all aspects of design, construction, integrity, repair and the operation of pipeline systems.

Grant has supported many mergers and assets transfers during his career. He has experience of both sides of the transaction and therefore has a good understanding of the challenges of data and knowledge transfer from one organisation to another. During recent transitions he has been assisting several global operators ensure legal compliance and ensure key documentation is fit for purpose like the Pipeline Works Authorisation and Emergency Response Procedures.

Martyn Campbell at Jee Ltd

Martyn is a chartered mechanical engineer with 10 years’ experience in the oil, gas and renewables industry. Martyn has significant experience in pipeline design and integrity management, particularly late life aspects such as lifetime extension assessments.

Martyn has worked on numerous pipeline tie-in design and IM projects dealing with change of use conditions. More recently, he has conducted lifetime extension studies to determine the remnant life of pipelines following the decommissioning of a platform and subsequent pipeline tie-ins.

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