Jee Ltd, a leading multi-disciple subsea engineering and training firm, has completed more than a thousand specialist span assessments already this year, delivering major cost-savings by avoiding remediation work.

Graham Wilson, Head of Late Life at Jee Limited, said: “Pipeline spans are formed due to an uneven seabed, scour or sandwaves, and can cause integrity issues with potential catastrophic and costly results. These spans can be susceptible to failure through fatigue and, as span length increases, the risk of fatigue damage due to direct wave loading or vortex-induced vibrations (VIV) also increases.”

Jee’s engineering team boasts a proven track-record for providing pipeline span assessment to the global oil and gas industry, with systems in place to run span analysis quickly and accurately.

Mr Wilson continued: “We have an in-depth understanding of the codes and standards and appreciate their limitations, allowing us to effectively challenge them without adversely affecting safety. By doing so we can remove conservatism and increase the allowable span length, minimising the remediation work required which can lead to expensive operations and potentially create new issues.

“When intervention work is necessary, we are pragmatic in our approach and ensure offshore vessel time and activities are optimised to maintain economical operations.”

In addition, Jee has developed an innovative span monitoring kit which monitors the motion of spans and the associated environmental conditions. The data collected can be used to prove that VIV isn’t occurring when predicted by the design codes, removing the need for costly corrective work. Alternatively, the kit allows the occurrence of VIV to be detected, providing supporting evidence of the need for intervention (the kit can also be used to provide assurance that remediation measures are having the desired effect).

“Jee has a long history of supporting subsea operations and is committed to providing quality engineering services in a technically advanced, secure and sustainable way. Our clients’ needs are always at the forefront of what we do, and we consistently aim to add-value to all projects and operations.” Mr Wilson concluded.

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