Jee Ltd’s Principal Engineer Mark Lauder will present alongside Martin Van Dromme of Deco Diving on Innovations in Decommissioning Subsea Structures at the sold-out 2015 Offshore Decommissioning Conference.

Hosted by Decom North Sea and Oil & Gas UK in St Andrews from 17-19 November 2015, the conference will address the rising demand for innovative and cost-efficient approaches to decommissioning.

As a Chartered Structural Engineer with 25 years’ experience in the industry, Mr Lauder has been integral to the planning and successful completion of several of Jee’s decommissioning projects.

Drawing upon his background in the decommissioning of subsea structures and offshore infrastructure, Mr Lauder will discuss case studies and projects involving innovative methods of decommissioning and management of the associated risks. 

Mr Lauder said: “With costs of UKCS decommissioning forecast to reach in excess of £50 billion over the next 35 years, decommissioning is rapidly gaining more traction within the industry. With this in mind, it is vital that our approach to these projects is forward-thinking to maximise efficiency, reduce environmental impact, improve safety and reduce costs.”

The three day conference will see decommissioning and late life engineering teams from operators and contractors come together to share their experiences and knowledge.

Mr Lauder continued: “I am looking forward to sharing our lessons learnt and discussing how we have adopted innovative approaches to overcome obstacles that commonly occur within decommissioning projects. My presentation will discuss the development of a bespoke tool to remove grout and seabed material from the application of sub bottom imaging, and the bore of piles.”

The presentation will also showcase the results of a joint industry project completed earlier this year between Jee, Decom North Sea and Zero Waste Scotland, that led to the development of efficient solutions for the recovery of concrete subsea mattresses, and how to incorporate them into a circular economy.

For more information about the conference, please get in touch with the event organisers, Jennifer Dunbar or Clare Rees

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