We are delighted to have secured a contract extension with BP for the provision of integrity management services and in-line inspection engineering support in the North Sea.

The contract involves project coordination, risk and corrosion management, span assessment, intelligent and operational pigging support and ad hoc engineering studies. 

Jamie Burrows, Business Development Manager at Jee Ltd, said: “We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach when working with clients and aim to become a seamless extension of their team. We are delighted with the renewal of the contract with BP, as it demonstrates our robust relationship.

“We are committed to providing quality engineering services in a technically advanced, secure and sustainable way. Our clients’ needs are always at the forefront of what we do, and it has become evident in the current climate that there is a strong focus on efficiency and cost reduction throughout the industry.”

We recently implemented a new business structure to strengthen our capabilities and champion the delivery of projects. The restructure underpins our core services including design, integrity management, pigging and late life, working to support current and future opportunities, and help ensure we are responding to clients’ needs effectively and efficiently.

Mr Burrows continued:  “We define the inspection interval that is required for our clients’ pipelines using a risk-based approach for cost optimisation. Our effective planning methods, combined with our in-depth experience of integrity management and in-line inspection, ensure each scope of work is examined and any potential challenges are identified and addressed early on, eliminating the need for costly changes. In addition, this ensures delays to the schedule of inspections are avoided, providing further cost savings.”

We have worked with BP for more than two decades on ad hoc global operations and project support in locations including Aberdeen, Grangemouth and London in the UK, and Angola, Azerbaijan, Norway and Trinidad internationally.

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