Integrity management of subsea pipelines - Oil and Gas

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Available dates:
07-10 June 2022
04-07 October 2022


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About the course

Highly recommended for anyone involved in the maintenance and integrity of assets and pipelines, this course offers a thorough understanding of the engineering principles behind successful integrity management. With case studies and worked examples, this course will introduce all applicable codes to which assessments can be performed.

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Available dates

07-10 June 2022

04-07 October 2022


4 days (28 study hours)


Virtual classroom




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Learning outcomes

  • Describe the importance of a robust pipeline integrity management system
  • Describe appropriate measures for maintaining pipeline integrity
  • Identify typical integrity threats to offshore pipeline systems and the associated risks
  • Select the most appropriate inspection technique to detect the presence of these threats
  • Describe commonly used integrity assessments and associated repair options
  • Select the most appropriate integrity assessment approach for various scenarios
  • Describe the approach for life extension of subsea pipelines

Course structure

Day by day content

Day one

Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS)

  • PIMS process overview


  • Pipeline instability
  • Sources of data
  • Analysis methods
  • Stabilisation options

Thermal buckling

  • What is a thermal buckle?
  • Why are they a problem?
  • Assessment
  • Mitigation and remediation


  • Span detection
  • Assessment of spans
  • Stress and buckle checks
  • Vortex-induced vibrations
  • Remedial measures

Day two

Flow assurance

  • Introduction to flow assurance
  • Flow regime
  • Causes of flow restriction
  • Flow control methods

Corrosion overview

  • Types of corrosion
  • Corrosion rate modelling
  • Corrosion monitoring
  • Control measures


  • Types of operational and cleaning pigs
  • Piggability of pipeline
  • Pig suitability
  • Launching and receiving

Internal inspection

  • Gauge pig
  • Calliper pig
  • Magnetic flux pig
  • Ultrasonic pig
  • Inertial mapping unit
  • Inspection of flexibles
  • Other inspection technologies

Day three

External inspection

  • What to look for
  • Inspection methods
  • Riser and flexible inspection
  • Pig trap inspection

Risk-based inspection

  • Technical Integrity Assessment (TIA) overview
  • Risk-based inspection plan
  • Failure mechanisms
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk/Reliability based inspection
  • Inspection frequency

Defect assessment

  • Defect types and loadings
  • Defect assessment levels
  • Defect assessment codes
  • Corrosion defect interaction

Day four

Dent assessment

  • Dent properties and behaviour
  • Causes of dents in subsea pipelines
  • Methods of assessment
  • Protection measures


  • Operations issues
  • Tethered isolation plugs
  • Remote set isolation pigs
  • Remote set spheres
  • Pipe freezing
  • High friction pigs
  • Hot tap and stopple
  • Environment and safety

Offshore repairs

  • Composite repairs
  • Clamp repairs
  • Spool repairs
  • Mechanical connectors
  • Hyperbaric welding
  • Others

Life extension

  • Ageing asset issues
  • Pipeline design life
  • Pipeline life extension

What past delegates have said

As someone with minimal experience in this field the course provided a good foundation of knowledge that will give me the confidence to be involved in pipeline integrity issues in the future

Andrew Scrimgeour, Chrysaor

I thoroughly enjoyed the course as the course content was excellent it was taught in a professional manner


This course gave a broad overview of issues that matter to integrity management of offshore pipelines

Jan Paul Bras, Senior Project Engineer, Tebodin

Integrity management of subsea pipelines - Oil and Gas

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The instructor is very knowledgeable and speaks very clear making him very easy to understand  

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- Kolawole Owolabi, Project Engineer, Chevron Nigeria

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