Applying proven inspection techniques to unconventional scenarios


There are many pipelines of strategic and commercial importance around the world that were not designed to be piggable. The integrity management of these pipelines presents a number of challenges to the industry.

One of the primary concerns for these challenging pipelines is getting accurate data on their current condition. In-line inspection has evolved to become one of the principal means of re-validating pipeline integrity, particularly during late life, but is not always an obvious option for such pipelines. Furthermore, pigging offers one of the few physical activities that can be used to clean the pipeline and control corrosive environments.

Who should attend?

Ideal for anyone involved in subsea pipelines, and particularly their integrity management, this webinar will discuss the difficulties of pigging so-called ‘unpiggable’ or challenging pipelines and some of the proven methods that have been developed in recent years to overcome them.


Rob Davies, Chartered Senior Subsea Engineer at Jee Ltd

Rob Davies is a chartered Senior Engineer with an in-depth knowledge of pigging and pipeline inspection. With specific expertise in planning pigging and inspection campaigns, Rob is also heavily involved in defining inspection strategies for pipeline integrity management and utilising inspection data to determine fitness for purpose and re-inspection intervals.

Rob has provided technical support and assurance for more than twenty pipeline cleaning and inspection campaigns across the UK and Norway in the last five years. This has included a number of previously unpigged and challenging lines for major operators. He has also been involved in cleaning pig design and developing desktop models of pig behaviour at Jee.

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