The problem

We were asked by Bureau Veritas to support them in certification of the design of the West Franklin Bundle. This bundle contained two pipe-in-pipe production lines and was to be towed from shore to the field.

The solution

We carried out a detailed and thorough review of key project design documentation and recommended areas for further development and improvement. We worked closely with Bureau Veritas and the design house to ensure optimum solutions were reached in the most practical way.

The purpose of the review was to affirm the acceptability of the design and installation procedure. Therefore three main points were considered during the certification: selection of applied loading, compatibility of components and calculation methodology.

In order to assess these points several analyses and calculations were undertaken to verify the results from the design house. As well as cross-document reviews to confirm consistent design.

Topics reviewed included:

  •   Bundle, spacer and bulkhead design
  •   Expansion assessment
  •   Piping stress analysis
  •   Cathodic protection design
  •   Thermal design
  •   Towhead structure and foundation design
  •   Launch and tow analysis
  •   Spool lifting and rigging configurations

The benefits

Our rigorous review process and our collaborative approach resulted in the desired outcomes from all associated parties.

Our expertise in pipeline design and installation projects in the North Sea means that we appreciate the issues affecting this type of project, such as harsh North Sea weather conditions during installation and proximity constraints to existing infrastructure.

Our flexibility meant that we were able to support Bureau Veritas with their resourcing requirements throughout the project, despite its irregular work flow during the 15 months review period.

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