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Subsea systems

About the course

Developing your knowledge of the equipment used, market drivers and issues affecting subsea production, this course covers subsea systems from design and installation through to operation. Ideal for engineers, technical team leaders and managers looking for an overview of the area, this course will help you manage projects.

Demonstrating how subsea systems are integral to subsea production, this course goes into detail about system configurations, spoolpieces, trees, control systems, umbilicals and manifolds. Workover operations, subsea abandonment, decommissioning and recent developments in subsea pumping and compression will also be discussed. With scenario-based exercises and a site visit to a manufacturer where you will see functioning subsea equipment first-hand, this course combines both theory and hands-on experience.

Learning outcomes

  • Appreciate the issues affecting subsea production
  • Classify and distinguish the structures and equipment involved
  • Outline the design and installation of subsea equipment
  • Discuss decommissioning requirements and regulations with confidence
  • Recognise the vulnerabilities of subsea systems

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About the Tutors

Stan Stirton

Stan Stirton has particular expertise in subsea control systems and the installation and testing of flexible flowlines and umbilical systems.

Stan teaches the Subsea systems course.

About the Tutors

Mark Murawiecki
BSc CEng FIMechE

A chartered engineer with over 30 years’ technical and commercial experience in the subsea oil industry, Mark has expertise in subsea production systems, subsea field architecture optimisation and offshore drilling systems.

Mark teaches the Subsea systems and Subsea hardware courses.

About the Tutors

Grant Adam
BSc PgDip CEng CMarEng MIMarEST

Grant has over 20 years’ experience and is Jee’s Head of Integrity Management. He has worked closely with major operators on a number of projects such as West Brae and Cygnus and provides on going integrity support to the largest pipeline network in the North Sea.

Grant teaches our Advanced integrity management for deepwater pipelines and risers course.

Jee Star Logo Subsea systems - course contents

Day 1

History of subsea production

  • Onshore development
  • Offshore development
  • Subsea development
  • Future development

Drilling and completing a subsea well

  • Drilling sequence and components
  • Well logging and testing
  • Completion sequence and components

Subsea system configurations

  • Template configuration
  • Cluster configuration
  • Daisy chain configuration
  • Hybrid configuration
  • Satellite configuration

Day 2


  • Design considerations
  • Metrology and construction
  • Connection methods

Subsea production control equipment

  • Subsea trees
  • Subsea control systems
  • Umbilicals
  • Subsea manifolds
  • System vulnerabilities

Subsea processing

  • Subsea multi-phase flow meters
  • Subsea pumps and compressors
  • Subsea separation and water reinjection
  • Subsea HIPPS

Day 3

Structural design

  • Template design
  • Seabed interface
  • Fabrication and testing
  • Case studies

Installation and commissioning

  • Installation issues
  • Installation methods
  • At the seabed
  • Installation videos
  • Commissioning
  • New technology


  • Diving
  • ROV types and tools
  • ROV operations
  • ROV deployment
  • ROV manufacture
  • AUVs

Day 4


  • Workover equipment and vessels
  • Minor workover operations
  • Major workover operations

Subsea abandonment

  • Subsea abandonment regulations
  • History and future of subsea abandonment
  • Abandonment of subsea wells

  An excellent course covering all main subjects and challenges on subsea field development  

Andreas Tsekas (Systems) Piping Design & Equipment Engineer, Saipem UK Ltd

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