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Jee Star Logo Marine terminals and landfalls

Marine terminals and landfalls

About the course

Providing a comprehensive understanding of landfalls and marine terminals, this course will develop your knowledge of bringing pipelines ashore and the associated issues.

Explaining how offshore pipeline systems are connected to shore, this course gives an overview of issues related to poor design, ports and harbours. Looking in detail at the reception of oil, gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG), the tutor will also explain storage methods and harbour limitations.

Learning outcomes

  • Appreciate site selection and design processes and how to operate a marine terminal
  • Explain how landfalls and outfalls help get oil and gas to shore
  • Compare different types of single point moorings (SPMs)
  • Recommend marine structures required at a marine terminal
  • Investigate terminal incidents and how to avoid them

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course bar chart Level Technical Awareness
timer icon Duration 4 Days
clock Study Hours 28
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Jee Star Logo Marine terminals and landfalls - course contents

Day 1

Overview of marine terminals

  • Overview of items and interactions
  • Different types of terminals

Site selection for marine terminals

  • Geographical considerations
  • Site soil survey
  • Environmental considerations
  • Environmental and social impact studies (EIA and EIS)
  • Site civil works

Day 2

Tanker operations

  • Berthing at a jetty
  • Berthing at a buoyed mooring
  • Transfer of hydrocarbons
  • Transfer of other items
  • Safety systems


Jetties, trestles and offloading systems

  • Environmental forces on tankers
  • Types of quaysides, trestles and jetty berths
  • Design of trestles and jetty  structures
  • Equipment requirements
  • Product pipework
  • Marine incidents, safeguards and mitigation

Day 3

Single point and multi-buoy moorings

  • Types of SPM and CBM
  • SPM design considerations
  • Bonded hoses
  • Anchor, chain and buoy design
  • Construction


Landfalls, intakes and outfalls

  • Landfall design
  • Pull from shore
  • Directional drilling
  • Pipeline pulls from laybarge
  • Trenching
  • Connections

Day 4

Storage tanks  

  • Types of hydrocarbon storage tanks
  • Design considerations
  • Loss of containment protection
  • Fire protection
  • Security

Marine terminal design and operation

  • Terminal equipment
  • Incidents
  • Ignition control
  • Terminal layout
  • Terminal operation
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