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Jee Star Logo Free spans and on-bottom stability

Free spans and on-bottom stability

About the course

Referring to a range of worked examples, this course will give you an appreciation of the integrity issues associated with pipeline instability, spans and dents. A beneficial course for subsea and pipeline engineers involved in integrity management and operations, you will gain knowledge of how to detect and remedy unstable sections of pipeline.

The tutor will explain detailed level 2 and 3 assessments to DNV RP F105 and F109. These assessments are used for both new and existing pipelines and are integral to the assessment and remediation of pipeline instability. You will learn how to apply these assessments and review a series of case studies presenting real-life scenarios and lessons learned.

Learning outcomes

  • Consider the integrity issues associated with pipeline instability, spans and dents
  • Choose appropriate inspection methods and techniques
  • Validate methods and application
  • Consider when remediation is required and the available options

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course bar chart Level Advanced
timer icon Duration 3 Days
clock Study Hours 21
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Jee Star Logo Free spans and on-bottom stability - course contents

Day 1

External inspection
• What to look for
• Inspection methods
• Inspection examples
On-bottom stability
• Fundamentals of pipeline stability
• Analysis methods
• Data requirements
• Force balance approach
• DNV RP F109 approach
• Stabilisation options
• Case study

Day 2

On-bottom stability exercise
• Worked examples
• Exercise
Buoyant span case study
• Background to the problem
• Buoyant span assessment
• Remedial works
• Lessons learnt
Dent assessment
• Dent properties and behaviour
• Causes of dents in subsea pipelines
• Methods of assessment
• Worked example
• Exercise
• Protection measures
• Case studies
• Span detection
• Assessment of spans
• Stress and buckle checks
• Vortex-induced vibrations
• Remediation

Day 3

Span assessment software
• DNV FatFree
• Plus-One
• SAGE Profile
• Calculations
• Comparison
Span assessment exercise
• Worked example
• Span assessment exercise
• Scope for remedial action

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