Pipeline design

From concept options to verification, our skilled engineers have the expertise to make your project a success.

Integrity management

Subsea pipes

Reduce your operating costs and improve efficiency with our advanced integrity management schemes.

Engineering analysis

Subsea engineering analysis of a wye piece

We can effectively assess the condition of your subsea assets using specialist software such as MathCAD, Abaqus, Orcaflex or CFX.

Operations support

Subsea structures

Our breadth of skills and knowledge ensures that we can provide the highest level of support for your operational needs.

Subsea controls

Subsea controls

We offer specialist engineering skills in both subsea controls as well as subsea intervention.

Subsea cables

Subsea cables

Subsea cables are key to offshore renewable energy generation installations. Jee can add expertise and experience to your offshore project.

Lifetime extension

Pipeline lifetmie extension

Recover more assets from the field through lifetime extension. With our extensive knowledge we will advise you on corrosion, fatigue, risk assessment and remedial action.



Jee has taken a lead role in developing strategies which support operators through the decommissioning phase, from preliminary appraisal studies to decommissioning itself.


Renewable energy windfarm

At Jee, we provide a range of consultancy services. Our knowledgeable team has vast experience of implementing practical solutions for engineering problems.